Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Sounds like a good weak in Riverton, and nice weather too. It's still snowing here in Michigan and it's still FREEZING! I wonder if I'll still have toes when I get home!? :) Haha! I'm glad the rain there makes everything clean! If it rains here, there will just be TONS of ice, which we do not need!
I really love this area! We are really seeing some miracles!!! I know as we focus on the great things that are happening, we keep seeing more and more miracles!!
Alright so this was probably the coolest thing that happened this week!!! Our Sister Training Leaders came on Thursday and we split up to get time with them. I was with one of the other sisters and we were trying to find a lady the missionaries had found last summer and then never taught. We seriously could not find her home! We drove in circles, walked around, but we could not find the address on the street! So finally we decided to just tract. We were driving, and we saw this lady who's car was stuck half way out of the drive way! She was trying to get out but couldn't! We hurry and jumped out, grabbed the shovel we had in our trunk, and ran to help her. We helped her shovel the snow that had packed up under her car until the man across the street was kind enough to come and tow her out! Anyways, we finished shoveling her driveway and then asked her what her name was. Guess what it was?!? The exact woman we were looking for! It was so cool! We talked to her a little bit and she is very open to us coming and teaching her! We are going back next week :)

In Acts Chapter 8, there is a story told of Phillip. The spirit tells him to go to a different area and he listens, he then is told to go near to a man in a chariot. He listens again and teaches this man, who gets baptized as a result! It's SO important we follow the promptings we receive! If we don't we may be missing out on great results!! I know we were prompted to help that woman and God led us to her! :)
So we went back and saw that woman from India this week! And the lesson was AMAZING! The spirit was soooo strong!!! And she is so prepared! I love how God sends us to prepared people! As we taught she literally would ask us the exact question of the thing we wanted to teach about! At the end of the lesson Sis. Price asked her to pray, the way we had taught her, even though she ended up saying a silent prayer, the spirit was SO Strong and I know God was testifying of the truth that we taught! Maybe we should be more clear to say the closing prayer out loud though :) Haha!  We will continue to teach her and I know great things are in the future!!!
Oh and I also tracked into a deaf man this week!!! I was able to sign to him and translate for my companions!!!! I testified to him of our Savior and his LOVE and I could feel the Spirit with me!!! It was an amazing experience!!!! And he welcomed us back :)
Well, I think that's all I have time for today!

I LOVE YOU!!! Follow the Spirit always, God has great things in store! :)

Sister Tracy!

Hello From The North Pole :)

Hey there!
I'm glad you had such a great week! I love Stake Conference! I would love to read Dad's talks or some of the thoughts he shared! I've been thinking SOOO much about charity lately! I think charity is one of those things I will always be trying to improve! A young women in church spoke about Missionaries and talked about what makes a missionary! She shared scriptures that listed the qualities missionaries should have, and Charity was brought up many times! It's so important we are always charitable, not just when it's convenient for us. Preach my Gospel says that Charity is a gift from God. Moroni 7:48 says how we need to pray for this gift of charity! And that's exactly what I've been doing. Praying to receive this gift, so I can love those I serve and serve with the way the Savior would love them! :)
How was your Valentine's Day? I liked the picture of Conner and his date, super cute :)

THANKS SO MUCH for the cards!!! They made my day! I can't even explain how much they meant to me! Please also tell Sis. Hemmelgarn and the Taylors thank you for their cards! I LOVED them!!!! Their letters actually got sent to my old address, so could you make sure my address is updated please. Luckily, I've seen Sis. Williams and Sis. Fisher at baptisms recently so they gave me the letters :)
So it's still freezing here in Michigan! I think my toes will permanently be numb :) As soon as we think it's going to stop snowing, we are laughed at, and it snows again! But it's probably just a sign of all the holiness in Michigan that's happening! Our mission has had more baptisms recently than I've seen on my whole mission :) Miracles are happening in Michigan!
This week has been super duper slow! It was probably the least lessons I've ever seen in a week! Every single appointment we had called and cancelled! Luckily they still want to meet with us though. I've been a little discouraged, but it really has been a blessing!! I've really been able to humble myself and strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father! As missionaries we Pray sooooo much!!! We pray when we wake up, before we eat, before personal study, maybe even during personal study, after personal study, before companion study, after companion study, before we leave the apartment, before each appointment, an opening and closing in each appointment, and now it's 11:00 am and we've prayed at least 11 times :) Sometimes it can become easy to become repetitive or not fully committed to the prayer. I started to think, If someone else was listening to my prayers, what would they say about my relationship with my Heavenly Father? When I talk to my Father in Heaven, is it like talking to a close friend? Do I really KNOW my Father? I've really taken a look at my prayers and seen how I can strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father! I've been able to see my weaknesses and use the grace of my Savior to become stronger, just like Ether 12: 27 says! I've come to Know my father even more, and in Knowing him, I'm able to trust in Him more!
I'm reminded that we truly can't do this alone! We need our Heavenly Father, and he needs us to know that! One of my favorite chapters is 2 Nephi 4! After Lehi passes away, Nephi realizes how much he needs the Lord! He takes a look at the journey he's had, and recognizes the Lord's hand! He gives himself a little pep talk and then is ready to go, not alone, but with the Lord! What a great example he is! Nephi is not perfect, he struggled after hard times, but because he had a great relationship with the Lord, he was able to KNOW he could do it w/ his Father's help!
"O Lord, I have trusted in thee, and I will trust in thee forever. I will not put my trust in the arm of flesh; for I know that cursed is he that putteth his trust in the arm of flesh. Yea, cursed is he that putteth his trust in man or maketh flesh his arm."
How did Nephi know that? He had a STRONG relationship with his Father!
Pray Always! Come to know your Father! And Trust in the Lord!
I love you!!


Sister Tracy