Sunday, July 21, 2013

First Letter as a Sister Missionary!!!!

I have been wanting to talk to you all but my P-day is on Thursday and since we had only been in the MTC 1 day, we didn't get a P-day this week. But our Branch President told us we could hurry and write you a quick email, so you know we are alive!!  Anyways the MTC is crazy spiritual!! I have never been so spiritually fed so well and for so long. My mind is exhausted from constantly thinking of how to be a better missionary and teacher. But I love it! I have learned so much and feel so improved already. I'm in a trio, with Sis. Mo'unga and Sis. Luke. They are completely different and don't know how well we all get along. I have a lot more patience than Sis. Mo'unga does. But we have had a lot of compainion interventions and have started to be able to work together better. Trio's are hard though. Anyways I have sacrament meeting right now so I have to go. Love you all so much!! Thanks for everything you have done for me!!!
Sister Tracy
P.S. I got Melinda's letter and journal(thanks I love it sooooooo much!!!) and Dad's letter and Mom's DearElder! Everyone gets jealous of my letters :) My family is the coolest! I'll write you all back on Thursday! Have a great Sunday!!!!

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