Thursday, August 22, 2013

Monday I had my first exchange!! I loved it! I went with Sister Decker, who is also from Riverton. (Mitchell she told me to tell you hello, and talked all about the Nerd Hurd :) She serves in Belle Isle, which is the closest they little sisters serve to Detroit. It cuts off right as you get to 8 mile. I LOVED IT! I hope I get to serve there someday! The people are so humble and most of them are pretty hilarious as well. We taught a man named Auto and he raps our lessons. He rapped about the plan of salvation and it was super good! Detroit is really sad though. As you drive by, the houses are either abandoned, or burnt down. There are homeless people all over and it really needs help. People have bumper stickers that say, "Last one out of Detroit, turn off the lights." It is hard to see some great people really struggle. It is a difficult lifestyle but they still find a way to be happy. I am learning a lot about not complaining and finding joy in the small things. As long as I have the gospel, I know I can find joy in whatever comes my way!
Wednesday we had a Specialized Training all day. It was really neat! President Gerber gave us a lot of motivation and got us excited about serving! We talked about Ammon and his great example of missionary work! I really love Ammon and want to be more like him! He had to prepare to be able to have the spirit of revelation. As we search the scriptures, and had much prayer and fasting. I have seen as we do these things DILIGENTLY, we will be able to teach with the power of God! We talked a lot about member missionary work. It is really stressed how important it is and we are working very hard to work with the members and prepare them to be missionaries. It is important that as families we pray together, search the scriptures together, and have family home evening. When we build our families, we will see the blessings start to come into our lives. Then as we have love for everyone around us, we will WANT to share the blessings we have received with EVERYONE! President also told us that our mission will be starting the new technology very soon. We will be one of the first missions. We will all have facebook, ipads, the area book will be online, and a lot more. We don't know too much yet but it's exciting to see the change. We really have to prepare ourselves for this!
On Thursday we went to the temple!!!! I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!! The new video actually was played and I really like it! The temple is really that place where you can feel sooo much peace and comfort! I realized how blessed we are to attend the temple so frequently and often. I wish I could go every single day!
We practiced the flute and picallo with Sister Haynes (our less-active) We are going to play Nearer my God to thee with her on Sunday, but I'm not sure how great we are going to sound... But all that matters is that Sister Haynes is coming back to church! She has a lot of anxiety and if we can get her to just go in one time, she will keep coming :) After our practice we saw a toad and I ran and caught it! We took it home and had played with him!! I was so excited!! The next morning we were reading in the handbook, and we read the sentence that says, No pets allowed. We felt so guilty, so that night we gave it to our Ward Missionary leader. I'm telling you, that toad was such good luck! I grew pretty attached to him and after we gave him away, I was pretty sad, haha The whole next day every single door we knocked on rejected us and we almost got in a wreck! If you find a toad, catch it, because they are good luck!!! :)
Nancie is still excited for her baptism! We taught her Word of Wisdom and she is living it but really missing her coffee. She has such a strong testimony though! I am so excited for her to get Baptized!!
Thanks so much for the package!!!! I LOVED IT!!! That was so cute! You guys are just awesome!! Mom, you sound pretty busy! I can't believe Kimball is going to middle school!! And Conner is in High School! That's so crazy! Good luck!!
I Love you all soo much! Keep safe and remember to stand steadfast in Christ and everything will work out! Talk to you next week :)

Love, Sister Tracy

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