Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Sometimes when we get home at the end of the night, this is what we do!
We were so excited we got the bike rack on by ourselves :)

We Love our bikes!

Cider Mill pictures....

Cedar Mills.... 
Picking Raspberries at the Cider Mill, YUMMY :)

St. Clair Lake, I loved being close to water :)

And this is just a cool snail I carried around with me, because I was so fascinated by it!!

The night we went to "I'm a Mormon" devotional and I saw Sister Graham :)
This is Sis. Williams and I in our morning study at the dock we love :)

Sis. Preiss....we went to the park for lunch and it was lots of fun!

Doing service for our member, we pulled these out of the ground, but they thought I was really strong and made me take a picture :)

And yep I'm a sinner ;)



We should build a tree house!!!


Sister Sorenson, Me, and Sister Frost on exchanges!

My District and...

one of the cakes we made!

Sister Williams and I with Nancie and her awesome shirt :)

Sister Williams one year mark

Us with Sister Lamers, our recent convert, the night we went to I'm a Mormon devotional and I saw Sister Graham :)

Our cute Senior Couple from Idaho the Croffs, who went home :( We'll miss them a lot!

We went to Bloomfield last Monday to visit the Mayo's and we spent some time with the Bloomfield Sisters who I just LOVE! Me, Sister Merrill and Sister Lundgren, and Sister Williams :) 
Brother and Sister Mayo, two of my favorite people

Clothing DRIVE!!!!!

Davis Family in the ward

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