Monday, October 21, 2013

Transfer #3!!!

Hello Family!
Sounds like a fantastic weekend you all had!! Send me some pictures if you took any!!
Yep, I'm staying another transfer here in North Shores!! Sister Williams is leaving so I will be getting another companion tomorrow... I'm actually SUPER EXCITED! I love getting to serve with different sisters and learning new things. President asked me if I will be the senior companion, so I hope I know what I'm doing :) Just kidding, it will be great! Real quick though, please send packages to the mission office which is: 
33505 State St. Suite 101
Farmington, MI 48335 
Just because our mail gets here at 12:30 and we aren't home and then it just sits outside our door, and I don't really trust our neighbors. So yeah thank you! THANKS SO MUCH for the package!!!!!!! I REALLY LOVED IT!!!!! I promise I will be using everything in it! 
Monday we saw the Mayo's. Their house is seriously the coolest thing I have ever seen! I will have to bring you here and show you sometime! She is the most creative person ever! Her house seriously could come straight out of a magazine!  Nancie was able to come to a baptism on Sunday and she cried through the whole thing! She loved it and felt the spirit so strong! She loved how personal it was, unlike hers in the Penacostle Church where people just lined up to get baptized one after another. Afterwards we all told her how excited we are for when she will have this experience and she just nodded and agreed! I don't know when but she is going to get baptized! I feel a little impatient but I just want her to receive the blessings that come so bad! You will all HAVE to meet her someday! I promise she will change your life because I know she's changed mine!!!! 
Nicolle came to church for the first time! We got her a couple skirts from the clothing drive so she had no excuse to not come :) She is progressing so much and her dad keeps telling us how he loves the great example we are to her! Now we just need to spread our example to him a little bit :)
Thursday we had exchanges and I went down to Belle Isle again! I LOVE it there! Let's face it I LOVE It everywhere!! 
Friday and Saturday we had the clothing Drive and there were SOOOO many clothes! It was so amazing to see so many people in need come in and just get free clothes. I know we helped hundreds of families!! People were so happy and grateful for all that we were giving them! Many of these people are homeless, or women and children who are abused, families with no jobs and needing winter coats and boots for their little children. My heart was so soft towards these people and I was able to share my testimony of how the gospel REALLY brings Happiness and peace in my life! We have never taught so many lessons. I LOVE SERVICE and I love showing others how they can find happiness! Nothing makes you feel better than helping others! 
I think I have shared this with you before but I have REALLY come to LOVE the strippling warriors! As I was reading about them this week this verse really stood out to me "Yea, and they did obey and observe to perform every word of command with exactness; yea, and even according to their faith It was done unto them; and I did remember the words which they said unto me that their mothers had taught them." I love where it says they obeyed with EXACTNESS! As missionaries something we always hear is obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles! I KNOW this is TRUE!! Lots of missionaries take the white handbook and bend it saying "It's flexible". I have heard missionaries doing some crazy things and what it comes down to is what kind of miracles do they want to see. The strippling warriors had an incredible miracle of "not one soul of them falling" Their lives were all spared and they had never even fought before! We all have agency and God is a very just God. We reap what we sow. Elder Holland even shares that we will reap even greater than what we sow. So if that's the case we better sow something great and then in return we will reap something FANTASTIC! I know when we try our best and are obedient to what our Heavenly Father has told us to do we will be incredibly blessed! (Thanks Mom for teaching me!! ) 
I love you all so much! Have a safe week!
Love, Sister Samantha Tracy :) 

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