Thursday, November 27, 2014

New Transfer and I'm staying in Rochester :) (May 19, 2014)

Hey there family!

Not too much to report this week. I get to go to the Lansing mission tomorrow to hear Elder Holland, I'm pretty excited!!! And we're going to Detroit today for p-day, don't worry, we'll be safe :)

We are making progress with our car wash guy :) haha Everytime we pull up he always yells "My good sista's!" He's pretty funny. I keep telling him he need's to come to church. The first time he said "Ya and I can get me two of them wives!" (He said one would do though after we broke the news we don't practice polygamy anymore.) Anyways after 3 months of keep inviting him, last week he said he'd come.. well he didn't show up.. So I got after him, and he said "My spirit was in the front row!" I guess his spirit's coming, now we just got to get his body there too :)

We saw La...i this week. Our last lesson we had, we talked all about baptism and the spirit was super strong. This week when we came in she told us how she didn't know how to tell us something. She explained how she wouldn't be able to visit her Hindu temple in India if she converts to a church. She said how it has been such a big part of her life and has so many memories that she doesn't want to lose. We just sat and listened, after I just asked her why she would want to be baptized. She said I KNOW that everything you've taught is true and I want to feel the way I feel, when you are over...all the time! She still wants to learn and prepare for baptism, but wouldn't make a date to be baptized yet. We're going to just keep praying for her and I know she will join this church. She's one of the most special people I've ever met!

So you are right it is a new transfer! Sis. Ockerman is leaving Rochester and I am Staying! That's what I thought would happen so I wasn't too shocked. I'm going to miss Sis. Ockerman a lot! We've gotten pretty close and we have a lot of fun together! I know we'll be friends after the mission for sure, we've already planned our adventures :) haha But it's good she will get some new experiences and learn from a new companion, I'm excited for her!

Yesterday President called me and asked me to be a Sister Training Leader. I wasn't expecting that at all! So my new companion who is coming will be a Sister Training Leader as well. I don't know too much about my responsibilities, but we will assigned over the sisters in our zone. We'll go on exchanges with them, help train them and be there to help. I'm excited to get to learn from so many sisters! President stressed how he wants this area to be a model area! This last transfer was a bit slow in the teaching category, so I've already been a little worried about that. And now as we will be gone for exchanges and have more responsibilities, I'm hoping that will be a blessing for this area. In the Teachings from Joseph Fielding Smith he says "If all of us do all of the things we should in carrying forward the programs of the Church, the Lord will bless and prosper us so fully that success shall attend our labors, and out of it all peace and joy will be our lot here and eternal glory hereafter" I know the Lord does bless us when we do our Very Best in our callings! And I also just keep thinking "Whom the Lord Calls, the Lord Qualifies".

Well I love you all!! Have a super week!! :)

Sister Tracy

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