Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Half Way (April 21, 2014)


So you know how last week I was all excited about not wearing tights and the sun coming out! Well, it snowed the next day :) haha But we broke the record for the most snow in Michigan ever recorded!!!!!!!!!! I survived! :) I was pretty excited about that! Now when I'm an old grandma I can say "When I was on my mission we trudged through snow that came up to our shoulders (I have to exaggerate a little!) And I survived the snowiest winter Michigan has ever seen!) haha
We met some cool people this week! We've been talking to A LOT of people! Not too many new investigators, just a few, but we'll see more :) Two of our investigators are preparing for baptism!!!! :) So that's exciting!!  

I hid my halfway mark this week. I was on exchanges w/ Sister Hart who came out with me and we celebrated by going out to eat :) That was crazy! Half of my mission is gone! I don't know where it went! I feel like time is running out now, the bunny (which is me, in case you didn't know) is hopping down the hill super duper fast! I just got to make sure to talk to all the furry friends I pass on the way down, and maybe they'll hop along with me, and I can't forget to eat all the carrots along the way :) I'm so grateful for this opportunity! I Love my mission more than anything I've ever done :) I've learned so much, I've served more than ever before, I've met people I will love forever, I've strengthened my testimony in so many areas, and I've become closer to my Savior Jesus Christ!

For Easter, we had an Awesome Church meeting, it was definitely more full than I've ever seen, but you won't hear any complaints from me. We went over to the Leutze's, some members in our ward for dinner. They're awesome and even gave us Easter baskets! :)

I've loved this week!! Easter week is the best!! As I've studied about Jesus Christ and his life, miracles he preformed, his Atonement, his Resurrection, and how he still Lives, I have strengthened my testimony SOO much! I LOVE my Savior! He is the reason I am on a mission! I know this is His church and people need Him! Have you seen the Because of Him video? You've GOT TO GO TO It's super cool! Share it on facebook or with neighbors and friends! Even though Easter is over, It still Rocks! Everything we are and everything we can become is because of him! If you haven't watched it, please do :)
Well I LOVE YOU!!!

Love, Sister Tracy :)

P.S. Happy Almost Birthday Dad!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

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