Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Heyo! (April 14, 2014)

So first I'm super glad Hope had a fun Birthday!! :) I LOVE her so stinkin much! This next week sounds like a super fun one. Party it up for Spring Break! Remember who you are. :) AND THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE EASTER PACKAGE!!! I loved it and so did Sis. Ockerman. :) I Love the dress too!! It's so nice to have something new to wear!!
So this week I got to go to the TEMPLE!!!! I LOVE the temple!! After a super good session, that night I got a call from the wife of one of the temple presidency in our ward.... She had found my patriarchal blessing in a pocket, that had gone through the wash. :( It's unreadable now, I was pretty bummed... so I was wondering if you could pretty please with many cherries on top, print me a new copy, maybe even shrink it so it fits in my scriptures, and if you are extra bored, laminate it. :) I would Love having a patriarchal blessing on my mission!
It's pretty warm here now! 70's Baby! I officially am no longer wearing tights, which is so nice! 
I had a donut burger this week after zone meeting... It was SOOO YUMMY! Yep some Chinese genius' make them, A cheeseburger with Donuts as the buns :) I figured it was ok, since we walk so much now.
Also I just got my hair cut, it's a lot shorter... It was SO Long! I'm hoping it grows out long in the next 9 months.
It was spring break here, so all of our investigators went out of town.. It was kind of slow.. We did meet a man named Joe who had a million-bagillion questions and we've started to teach :) We also met a man named Russ. We knocked on his door and started talking with him. He listened for a while, but it made me so sad! He told us how he has no hope now or in the future. So many things have happened and he just can't see anything getting any better. I KNOW there was a part of him that felt something good about us, he felt the spirit! He talked and listened forever! He even started to cry, when I shared thoughts that Elder Nelson said in Conference! Our Gospel brings HOPE and Happiness! We can be calm and find peace in this life because we have hope in our Savior Jesus Christ! With Easter coming this week I've been studying a lot about Jesus Christ! He truly is our rock! He is how we keep going, he is our strength! He helps us find joy :) Unfortunately we all have agency.... just kidding I know Agency is a blessing! But when people turn down something so great I just can't believe it! It's like someone offering me the most delicious ice cream ever and saying, "No I'd much rather eat this dirt..." Uh, No! How can they turn it down!! But we just have to keep inviting, no matter how many times they say no, no matter how many doors get shut in our faces, no matter who they are. We have to invite, because they need this, and they wanted this!
We had Stake Conference this week and boy was that exciting! In our Saturday night session, there was a huge storm. (It rains a lot here which I LOVE!!!) As the first speaker gave their talk, the power went out. We opened the side doors for some light (that is until the wind blew them shut) and just kept going on with the program! The speakers were Amazing! The first was a recent convert who is a junior in high school, he shared his conversion story. Some random, popula,r football player invited him to stay the night at his house when he knew he had no where to stay. They weren't really friends and this boy decided to go over anyways. This football player was a member of our church and had reached out to someone he didn't even know, he told him about our church and he came to church with him that Sunday! Now they're best friends and both Awesome members! Reaching out to others and showing them Love is the first step! Then just invite! The next girl ironically talked about shining our light, haha it was funny since we had no power :) The spirit was so strong in this chapel as we sat in the dark and everyone shared testimonies of missionary work! It was the coolest meeting I've ever been to! Although the power was out, the room was filled with LIGHT! Matthew 14- 16 talks about how we are the Light of the World! We have to let our light shine, and when we let it, it does! I can testify that when we are living righteously other see our light! I've heard people witness that they can feel our light, they don't know what it is, but they feel it! Always remember that, Let your Light shine!!!! :)
ALSO...... Elder Holland is coming to our mission May 20th!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SOOOO EXCITED!!!! :)
Have An Awesome Week!! LOVE you as much as a bunny loves his carrot :)
Love, Sister Tracy

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