Saturday, December 27, 2014

Another Week in Rochester (June 16, 2014)

Hey there :)

What a fun trip in Mexico!!! I think the two private tours sound so neat! I love that you were able to learn more about the Book of Mormon!! The Book of Mormon is True! There is literal proof! Plus the spirit tells us of the truth that the Book of Mormon holds :) It's so great!

Yesterday we had dinner with a Japanese couple that are both converts. I thought it was very fascinating some of the legends of the Asian people. They talked about how they believe in three spirits, two we can see, and one we cannot. They have a legend of a bright light coming down from the sky and telling the people to stop fighting. They also have records written in an ancient language that no one can translate, but believe it to be a religious record. It's such a testimony to me that God truly does love his children. It doesn't matter what part of the earth you live in, God still loves them. I know Christ did appear to his other sheep, after he was resurrected. The Book of Mormon is true!

We had a good's interesting though that we had the lowest amount of lessons we've taught all transfer... and we had 24 lessons. We really are working super hard! But we have to, this work is the Lord's work, and he would be working hard, and is, so we are too :)

We were out of our area twice this week. We went to Flint on Tuesday :) It was fun. I met a member from their bishopric who is just awesome! Their ward has had 45 reactivations This Year! I asked him what he was doing, that seemed to bring success. During church he makes a list of EVERYONE that is not at church. He then shortens the list to people that could easily be at church, (he calls them the fence sitters) and the people who usually do come. He then divides these people up among members of the ward (usually the ward council), and EVERY person gets a personal call, saying we missed them at church and to just share the love and concern. He LOVES his ward!  He loves them so much, he never gives up on them. By Tuesday or Wednesday he knows where every single person was on Sunday during church. I just thought this was so cool! He doesn't do this because he wants high numbers, he does this sincerely out of love! He cares about his friends and wants to help in any way he can! Love has to be our motivator, and then we will be successful :)

Friday we got a call from some sisters that were struggling and needed us to go to their area. So we cancelled all of our appointments for Saturday and drove over there. It was a really good day. At the end we all sat down and talked about their goals of where they want to be in their companionship. We talked about how a goal is nothing without a plan! (Just like we learned at MLCM) We have to PLAN! Sometimes I dread planning as a missionary, but it's the only way to accomplish our goals :) And then we have to work the plan! I have been studying a lot about love this week, I just love, love :) If we can first love God, and second love our neighbors, everything is well fall into place. The more we love Heavenly Father the more we want to be obedient, the more we want to serve, the more we want to gain spiritual knowledge. We just need to love :)

Last thing that's really been on my mind, is a talk by Tad R. Callister called "Our Identity and Our Destiny". Something a lot of people disagree with about our church, is that we will be gods someday. And Brother Callister just proves them wrong :) When we realize that God is truly our Father in Heaven and that we are his children, we recognize our potential to become like him! First there are tons of scriptures that support this! He tells us to become perfect, even as he is perfect... this sounds like a God to me :) I loved when he uses logic to prove this belief! He talks about how when a chick is born, the chick is not going to become a dog, or a cat, or a cow someday. But the chick Will become a chicken! It just makes sense. As I learn more about who I really am and what I can become, it gives me hope :) It makes me want to work harder, to never give up. We have it in us right now, to be truly remarkable. I think we often times cut ourselves short. We are truly sons and daughters of the Most High God! And I know that this is true!

I Love you all!!! Have a Fantastic week :)

Love, Sister Tracy

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