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God is Proud of You! (November 17, 2014)

Hello :)

First.... The Snow is here :) Yep, It looks like a winter wonderland with snow covering all the cars! I LOVE the snow! It's been cold but honestly we've been teaching so much, we aren't in the cold that much. Blessing of teaching lots :)

Happy Birthday to Mitchell!!! I love you and I hope you had a wonderful day :)

I Love Ypsi and Hill Street! The Wards are so amazing and the members are still just blowing me away with their faithfulness and their desire to serve God and our brothers and sisters! Yesterday our ward mission leader's wife came out with us tracting. We only had like 45 minutes, and she was just soo excited! haha We were practically running looking for the doors we needed to knock, it was lots of fun, and we met some great people, including a woman who is the ancestor of William Clayton, who showed us his journal! So cool! But all the members are running here!!! Sister Rikard is running with all the members and the Lord is blessing us with the energy we need! :)

So I can't remember if I told you this last week, but I'll share it again... Since we've been running these last 2 weeks, we haven't had like any down time. Which is wonderful! But we also haven't had a ton of time to just go finding, which I've been used to and Love! If we finish an appointment early, sometimes we'll have like 15 minutes to go out and to go find people. It's been remarkable to see God bless us with the little time we have. We'll pray before we go and ask Heavenly Father to help us find 1 or 2 people and as we walk, we'll find them immediately!! God always provides a way as we live righteously and are diligent! (1 Nephi 3:7)

Church was Fantastic!! We had 2 members text us and said they had non-member friends come to church and in Hill Street we had an investigator come to church! No investigators have come for more than 4 months! So we were pretty excited :)

We met two great people this week who we taught to pray. They gave the most humble prayers as they talked to their Father in Heaven for the first time! That might be my favorite part of missionary work is helping people find God and strengthening their relationship with him. They both just felt warm and peaceful and happy.... THE SPIRIT!!

We also met these 3 sisters who had requested Book of Mormons. As we met them, we taught the Restoration and told them we'd love to bring them a Book of Mormon next time so we could explain it a little more. (Our mission president is real big on not giving out the Book of Mormon without explaining it... It's way too important to not teach people about it!) The sisters were all begging for Book of Mormons :) haha So we taught the Book of Mormon and gave them all a copy! It was Awesome!

This week we've had great opportunities to share how proud God is of his children! Sometimes we get really hard on ourselves. I'm not doing this and I'm not doing this and I'm not doing this.... But God, our perfect Loving Father in Heaven is saying "My child is doing this, and this, and this!" We met a few people this week that have been very emotional, they know they've been sinning, they feel they're not the best mother, they feel they're looked down upon. I know it's important to keep the commandments and to be a little better than we were yesterday, but More importantly I Know that God is Proud of you! Think of all the qualities you've strengthened this past year, think of all the people you served, all the experiences you've had and learned from, think about how you've endured. God is So Proud and Loves you soo much!

I Love you too and am grateful for all you do! Have a Wonderful week!

Love, Sister Tracy

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