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I'm being Transferred (June 30, 2014)


Happy Fourth of the July Week!!! What are you all doing? I hope you enjoy the fireworks! This last week Rochester had some fireworks. It sounded like a pretty good show :) This month is my year mark! So crazy, time goes by so quick! I feel like I'm trying to dig my heels into the ground trying to stop the time from passing!
So the big news is I'm being Transferred!!! I've got the mixed feelings! Excited to be able to serve in a new area and ward, but sad to leave Rochester! Yesterday at church was pretty tough! This ward is awesome! I guess you could say there were a few tears shed... I was doing OK until bishop starting crying in sacrament meeting! He is a fabulous bishop and I feel privileged to have been able to serve with him. He always jokes that this is the "celestial" ward, and that you can't get any better than this.  Ha ha It is a super good ward, but I know there are great wards all over! (This is one of the best though!) I definitely hope to come back someday. I'm sad to be leaving Sis. Stuart too. She is a hard worker and I've learned a lot from her! We've seen a lot of miracles this transfer! But like Sis. Schubring (one of my most favorite people) told me last night "God's tapping your shoulder"
President called and told me I will still be a Sister Training Leader, but I don't know where I'm going yet. I'll send you my address next week! :)

So I'm so glad you went the Cromwell reunion! Yesterday in our 3rd hour we learned a lot about Family History Work! I can't wait to get home and start to work on it. I think it is so fascinating! And it is Amazing how many resources we have to do the work. Family History is such a big part of Hastening the Work and I feel like it is under looked. We have many relatives waiting for us to do their temple work, and they probably would be happy to help us out and find their info!
We met some awesome people again this week! After we had been knocking some doors, we were walking and saw this girl on the other side of the street, so we yell over there and ask her where she's going? haha Sometimes I don't realize how awkward we are, but I just embrace the awkward! But we talk to her and she immediately said she wants to learn all about our church! So we've been teaching her! Another time we were driving and trying to figure out where to go. We were just making some turns and then we both felt super good about this street. We only had like 15 minutes left until we had to go home, so after parking Forever Away, we pretty much ran to this street :) We knocked a couple of answer. Within like 5 minutes left.  We knew we could probably only knock 1 more door. We hear some yelling from this house but we decided to knock it anyways :) This girl Shanique answers and her sister Chantel apparently had been to the church once and Loved it but then heard some interesting things (meaning she got anti'd) and stopped going. They were super excited to learn the truth though! And a cool thing was, that a girl from inside walked out smiling and we realized she was a daughter of a former investigator we lost contact with. Miracles are all over! Oh, and we were having dinner at a member's house and she told the daughter if her two friends stayed for our lesson she'd let them have a sleepover. Nothing like a good old bribe, haha. But really we had an awesome lesson with them and they were asking questions like nobody's business! We have a family that is super cute! He has relatives that are members and they were like "Well if we're going to make fun of them, we better know what they believe!" But as we taught the Restoration both of them were saying, "We definitely believe Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ!" Every thing we said they were just nodding and smiling! There are just a few things she doesn't like about Joseph Smith's past... But when her prayer is confirmed that he was a prophet, her concerns will go away :) Truth conquers ALL!!! And Andrew (the referral we started teaching) has been praying and is feeling a change in his life!!! We had a great lesson again with him, and he just Loves the idea of being a member of our church! :) And Peng Leeng came to church again!!! :)
So many good things are happening! I'm a little jealous of Sis. Stuart getting to stay! I just love everyone we meet and want to see them continue to progress!
Anyways that's probably enough, haha I've got some packing to go do!
Talk to you next week,

Love, Sister Tracy

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