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Exact Obedience Brings Miracles!! (June 9, 2014)

Hola Familia,

I hope you are still loving Mexico!! That sounds like loads of fun! You are all baking in the sun's light, while I'm baking in the Light of Christ :) Just joking. I know you are baking in the Light of Christ too! I invite you all to look for opportunities to be missionaries! There's probably more people around you now that don't know about the gospel than in Utah, and they just are missing out on the best light they could ever experience!!! Maybe on the plane or at the beach or just anywhere :)

Yes! Please send pictures, I want to see the scenery and you all dark and smiley :) Stay away from the raccoon....I want to see you all again :) Church sounds like it was a really neat experience, that's so great that you found a church to attend!!! Church is Super Duper important! And it is wonderful how the gospel is the same everywhere we go!

This week was busy again! I LOVE that! We went on exchanges in Clarkston and had Zone Conference. Zone Conference was super good!! We learned more about conversion. This is a topic I probably will study for the rest of my life! We specifically talked about what our investigators must have to receive conversion. They have to receive their own Revelation! We receive Revelation through Prayer, Scripture Study, and Church Attendance. So we had four different groups that talked about these (the fourth group President instructed). Well since Sister Stuart and I are Sister Training Leaders we instructed on How to Receive Revelation through Church Attendance. I was a little bummed I didn't get to hear the instructions for the other things, But now I know lots about church :) haha Church is SOOO Cool!! At Church you get to pray, read the scriptures, be surrounded by people that are striving towards the same goals as you, hear testimonies, feel the spirit, partake of the sacrament, and remember Jesus Christ!! Where else can you do all of this in one spot?!? I think a lot of people see church as a "I have to.." but it should be a "I get to..." Most of us are looking for direction from the Lord and Church is a fantastic place to receive that! :) I just love church! All 3 meetings are important, and we are lucky to have them!

We're still teaching Beth, the woman I told you about last week! She's awesome! And I think I told you we are teaching her neighbor Karl.. Well we're teaching is son now too :) We're teaching a man who was in a serious car accident. He was hit by a drunk driver and had some brain injury. But he's super sweet and is really progressing! We are picking up a lot of new investigators and I'll let you know what happens with them.

This week we had a pretty cool miracle! There was this man named Bruno that the sisters were teaching at the end of last year. He was on date to be baptized and then suddenly just dropped off the face of the planet. No one could get a hold of him... When I came I felt that we really needed to find him! So I called him and he answered!! But he was super busy and we never got to meet him. Well this week we felt like we should just go to his apartment complex. We had no idea where he actually lived, but with the help of the spirit and some windows/mail boxes with names and apt. #'s on them we found him! We buzzed him (a couple times!) And he came down and talked to us! He bore his testimony and told us how much he knew this church was true!! He was just afraid! SATAN is such a bum!! Anyways we're going to start teaching him again! :)

So last thing... Exact Obedience is SOOO Important! (Conner pay attention, you'll be going on your mission before you know it!) My whole mission I've heard "Obedience brings blessings, but exact Obedience brings miracles," and I've just thought that as long as I wasn't doing anything super bad, I was being exactly obedient...That is so false and I know what this means now. Sister Stuart is pro at this and teaching me her ways. For example we had district meeting and we always go to meetings 15 minutes early and study before it starts. Well we got there 20 minutes early, and I just thought we'd study 5 extra minutes...Sister Stuart was like "No, we're going tracting for 5 minutes" So we go in the pouring rain, knock on one door, who was not interested at all, and then we walk back soaked for the rest of district meeting. I was kind of annoyed, thinking we weren't being disobedient by studying for 5 extra minutes. But that day we saw SOOO Many miracles! We found many new investigators, taught TONS of lessons, and I know the miracles we are seeing are because of our exact obedience! I've got to work my head off, as Elder Holland told us! :)

Well I LOVE you! HAVE FUN IN MEXICO!!! :) How many times can you say your in Mexico? :)

Love, Sister Tracy

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