Sunday, December 28, 2014

Trailer Parks (July 14, 2014)

Hey there!

So I can't believe that Kaleb leaves in two days! He sure has a crazy journey in front of him!! I'm excited for him, he'll grow a lot while he's gone!

We had a good week! I'm meeting a lot of people! Ann Arbor is very different than my other areas. So University of Michigan is our area, but there are sisters that serve specifically on campus, so we focus on the neighborhoods around campus. But we do go to the institute and have had appointments on campus. Our ward is full of Students or people that work at the University. There are lots of young families and hardly any youth. The ward seems to struggle a little bit with unity, I think that's a difficult thing when everyone is always moving in and out. I am so grateful for our home ward!!! It was usually always stable and I LOVED THAT!!
The bishop's wife is super duper sweet!! She took our district to the Detroit Zoo last monday, so that's why I slacked on the letter... sorry about that.

The zoo was fun though!! God's creatures are super cool!! We had a fun time looking at the monkeys. I couldn't help but think about the planet of the apes, sometimes I just expect them to start talking to me.... But then I also can't see how people think I came from that monkey instead of a Heavenly Father, that seems like it makes A LOT more sense! We have this divine identity, we literally are God's children. I love that, we were born with characteristics and attributes and traits from God. When we know this we can feel important and realize and hope for something greater...our divine destiny. It's just the coolest thing!

We're doing a lot of finding and meeting some cool people! I think we met a whole street of trailers that we're teaching this week! Trailer parks are just gold mines full of humble people that are wanting a good change in their lives!

If you have any questions I'll be happy to tell you what's going on :)

Love, Sister Tracy
P.S. This week is my Year Mark!!! CRAZY STUFF!!!

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