Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I LOVE General Conference (April 7, 2014)

Dear Family,
What an Awesome week you had! Wasn't General Conference AWESOME!! :) First session we watched at our church, there were only like 6 missionaries, and 2 women from our ward, So we had whole benches to ourselves :) Saturday Afternoon we watched at a part-member family's home and they fed us dinner :) Sunday Morning we watched at the church w/ just 1 women from our ward and 1 brother. And then Sunday Afternoon we had invited one of our investigators to the YW president's home to watch it! It was an awesome weekend! Dad, we didn't watch Priesthood session but I'll definitely be studying those talks as well! Mom, I think it's impossible to say I had a favorite talk! Just like I did last conference, I wrote down questions for my investigators, less-actives, members, companionship, and myself! EVERY SINGLE QUESTION WAS ANSWERED!! Every talk contributed to those answers! We are so blessed to have revelation! One talk that's been on my mind this morning was by Gary E. Stevenson. I loved how he talked about our 4 minute performance! Something I always tell myself is I've had an eternity to prepare, an eternity to remember, but I only have a year and a half to serve this mission! That is very true with not just missions but life! We are prepared, we just need to perform to our best ability! But we still have to train, ect. It gives me the motivation to do my best, don't settle for imperfection. Even though we won't reach perfection on this life, we should still strive to improve each day! But also don't be too hard on yourself, because again, you aren't perfect! :)
This week is transfers, both my companion and I are staying together another transfer, We will be getting a new district leader, zone leader, and assistant though! Transfer week is always exciting!!

This week we had some craziness! We found a few new investigators which was awesome!! We've gotten quite a few media referrals! One of our investigators found our website and requested us to come visit her! She is 20, very shy and doesn't have many friends! I'm so grateful for the Love and friendship our church provides! Christ's church is the perfect place for her :) It is so cool to see how prepared God's children really are! Don't forget M. Russell Ballard's talk! He talked about inviting quarterly! I was blown away by his follow-up! It made me wonder if I take the words of the prophets seriously!
Anyways! I LOVE YOU ALL!! Have a good week!

Love, Sister Tracy :)

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