Thursday, October 2, 2014

March Forth!!! (March 3, 2014)

Hello Family!!!

Wow! I'm a little jealous with your weather! 60 degrees sounds like a dream :) Maybe you could send some 60* weather in a box! It just snowed again here! It's like 8* right now and I'm thinking Michigan will never be warm again....... Haha But I really don't mind it that much, I've gotten very used to the extremely freezing weather. I probably will be lost without a coat, and forget who I am :) The real issue isn't necessarily the weather but the roads, because the roads are plowed so often there are HUGE pot holes! It's nice that I get the roller coaster experience as a missionary :)
What is the family going to do without Basketball?!? :) It sounds like their whole lives will be ending.  Haha I'm glad they've had a lot of fun, I'm sure they are pretty much pro now! I'm SOO happy for Kimball making that 3 pointer on a foul! I'm so proud to be his sister :) Oh and thanks for the pictures, I love the one with Dad, Chad, and Chandler in the background, they look Very into the game... haha And Hope's pose is pretty awesome too! She could be a model for basketballs :)
Oh and that's pretty scary about that Elder being hit! I'll have to keep his family in my prayers! I'll be careful, I promise :)
So my new companion is Sister Ockerman! She is from Pocatello, Idaho and she just turned 19. She's pretty Awesome and we really get a long! This is going to be a sweet transfer :)
This week was pretty great! We were able to see quite a few investigators!!! We've been seeing 3 roommates and teaching them all!! We've been teaching an Indian woman! We've been teaching the woman we helped with getting her car stuck out of the snow!!! And we met a woman last night who is just finishing up chemo and has a desire to read the Book of Mormon and come to church! I've really seen that as we focus on LOVE, we are able to have very powerful lessons, where we know the needs of those we are teaching! Miracles are happening :)
Thanks for the quote Mom!! I know that the Lord does qualify those that he calls! Trust in the Lord and he gives us the strength we need! I found a scripture that I just LOVE!!! 2 Corinthians 7:16 "I rejoice therefore that I have confidence in you in all things" I often feel under qualified or my confidence that I can accomplish things lacks! It's amazing to me to KNOW the Lord has Confidence in us in ALL things!! If the Lord has confidence in me, I should too! Every morning we should wake up with Confidence that we can Accomplish our goals and Become more like our Savior! And the Best reason we should have Confidence is because we have the best resource EVER... our Savior Jesus Christ! He is ALWAYS there with us, rooting for us, giving us the strength! We CAN do this! We CAN do anything!
So since tomorrow is March 4th, March Forth into this week with Confidence, Confidence in yourself, Confidence in this gospel, and Confidence in the Lord!
I LOVE you! Have a great week :)
Love, Sister Tracy
P.S. Sister Williams is home from her mission!!!! :)
P.P.S. I have some really not so good news...... I can't find my camera anywhere!! It's been gone a few weeks now, and I've LOOKED everywhere!! I have no idea where it could be! I've been PRAYING SO HARD I will find it, most of all because it has the first 7 months of pictures in it!! So please pray for me to find it!  

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