Thursday, October 2, 2014

March 24, 2014


I feel like I always say this but this week was a Great week! Let's face it, as a missionary, every week is great! We taught more lessons than I have in a LONG time! I'm still talking to everyone :) And people are a lot friendlier when they remember there is a SUN! :)
One man we have been teaching we found out this week has Schizophrenia. He has many government conspiracy theories and told us about all of these "illusions" he has..... We can't keep teaching him, because he is not mentally all there.. I can't wait until he is resurrected! I know he'll be joining the church in the after life!
We found this awesome man named Harley! He has been going to his church in Detroit for over 20 years, but he Loves Jesus and was happy to hear our message! We brought a member with us and taught a POWERFUL Restoration lesson! At the end he said "I Can't Wait to read this Book!" He is so awesome! I'll keep you updated on his progress :)
We taught Lakshmi and her Mother-in-law, Baby (from India). We had a member come (THE BEST WAY to teach) and it was an AMAZING lesson! The 5 year old boy kept running around, so we decided to all sing "I am a Child of God" The spirit was SOO strong and the boy just sat down and listened as we taught! Primary songs rock! How great it is to know we are children of God! It makes me sad to realize, that was the first time any of them heard they were children of God and that he loves them! They just were in awe as we taught. At the end of the lesson both women told us how great they feel every time we are there and are eager for us to come back! The mother-in-law actually gave us her address to send missionaries to Texas where she will be for a month :) They say we just have this joy about us and about the things we teach. We actually had several people tell us that this week (we also had many ask if we were Nuns this week too) I know that joy they feel is the Holy Ghost working through us to touch them! The Holy Ghost ALWAYS testifies of truth! When we live righteously, everyone will feel our spirit!
I can't imagine not being able to have this opportunity to serve, this time I have will be the most precious time I will ever have! Monday was one of those times where you feel as if your eyes have been open! We had an awesome preparation day, we even had dinner with some members!!!!! We had called a member to follow-up with an assignment he had given us and afterwards he shared some of his thoughts of how important this work is!! I knew it was important but it wasn't until this night that I really felt "how great is my calling". Alma Ch.5 is AMAZING! Alma shares what his calling means, the same calling I have, and the same calling we ALL have! Alma 5:7 really hit me. He talks about how his brethren "were encircled about by the bands of death, and the chains of hell, and an everlasting destruction did await them" How awful is that!? Can you imagine having an everlasting destruction or being encircled by the bands of death and chains of hell!? I know I don't want that!! It reminds me of what spiritual death is like! Spiritual death is being separated from God. There are SOOO many people around us who are or will experience this! These people could be our best friends, our family, our neighbors! Before we came to earth EVERY SINGLE one of us CHOSE to come and WANTED to live with Heavenly Father again! I can't help but think of the people I knew in the pre-mortal life that are lost now! I can picture them saying to me "Please don't give up on me down on earth!" "Please share what you will know with me!" "I want to live with God again!" "I want to have eternal life!" I believe we made promises to our brothers and sisters to SAVE THEM! That is how important missionary work is! Keeping our promises!
So this week that's what's been on my mind. When someone at the door says they're busy, if I know I could have promised to not give up on them, I will try harder! I won't just give up on my neighbor or friend.... We do have to remember they still have their agency... but all we CAN do is invite. So that's what I've been doing INVITING everyone in Rochester to hear the true message!!! The ONLY way to have eternal life!
Well I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! :) The church is SOOOO TRUE! Don't believe it, pray and God will tell you :)

LOVE, Sister Tracy

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