Thursday, October 2, 2014

Trust Yourself!! (March 31, 2014)

Awesome job on missionary work! Keep it up! Friendship and service and Love are the best ways to start! :) Hope and Kimball both look super cute! I LOVE THEM!!
I Loved the General Women's Meeting! It is so amazing to see so many women all towards the same goal! We know where we came from, we know who we are, what are purpose is, and where we will go!! :) Our church is so unique and special in this way! How Lucky are we!
This week was a little slower, not too many people wanted to talk to us and all but one appointment with our investigators fell through! But I'm determined that we always experience trials before something AMAZING HAPPENS!!!! So just wait this week is going to ROCK! Plus we have GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Make sure to prepare! Read 3 Nephi 17:2-3 Be prepared to learn! :)
There is one member here who I just LOVE! She takes her 2 kids to church alone and her husband is less-active. Well this week was a miracle!! We started teaching them a lesson and he participated the whole time! After I kept asking him questions about the scriptures and he actually went digging for his scriptures, pulled them out, blew off the dust, and ended up teaching us!! It was so AWESOME! I just kept looking at the wife and her eyes were huge! He hasn't even touched his scriptures in YEARS! I have seen over and over again how important it is to be patient and loving! We can't give up on anyone because their time will come and they will start to get back on the path that brings true HAPPINESS!
We saw the 99 year old sister again, this week! It was quite an experience. I asked if there was anything I could do for her and she just held my hands and whispered "Take me to the sheriff!" She told us how the people upstairs control her sight and hearing. She said how the government is doing an experiment on her and don't want her to know what's going on. She said she is living Psalms 56! She kept repeating vs. 6 "They gather themselves together, they hide themselves, they mark my steps, when they wait for my soul." I just felt so sad but so much love for her! She turns 100 in less than a month! She is so sweet and I'm so grateful for our Plan of Salvation! She told us how she hasn't seen her mom in over 75 years! I'm grateful she will be able to return to her family and see her mother again! I'm grateful we will receive resurrected bodies that will be perfect! We are so blessed!! :)
We had New Missionary Training this week at the Mission Home. I hadn't been back there since my first day in Michigan... so that was FUN! We got to talk about things the new missionaries struggled with and things they were great at! Sister Ockerman was totally the best sister there :) I Love her a whole lot! President talked to us a lot about faith! We did this object lesson where I had to hold up a small wood block on one side of a giant wood board, and he stood on the other side with a nail gun. I had to measure to see where I was supposed to put the block and then he was supposed to nail it, we couldn't see each other and I Needed to not only trust President Gerber, but I was to trust that I had done my part correctly. The assistant said he would take my place and hold the super small block. Afterwards I said "Thank You, I didn't trust myself!" President looked at me and said "You Need to! You have an Assistant that trusts you, a Prophet that trusts you, and a Heavenly Father who trusts you, you Need to Trust Yourself!" It was a very good lesson for me! Sometimes it's easier to have faith when we are told exactly what to do, but I guess that's not true faith! After I had measured, I kept wondering if I had measured right! It wasn't that I didn't have Faith in President, but I didn't have Faith in Myself. We MUST have Faith in Ourselves in order for the Lord to help us. We have to put forth our effort, the best we know how, and then the Lord will do his part! Trust Yourself! :)
Well I LOVE YOU! Make sure to pull lots of pranks tomorrow :) Hehehe
Love, Sister Tracy

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