Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! (March 17, 2014)

Good Morning!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I LOVE HOLIDAYS! They are just sooo fun!!! I'm pretty sure my companion thinks I'm crazy for getting soo excited to wear green, haha It's Ok, I pretty much am crazy! :)
Conner looked very handsome! I'm glad he had fun at prom. Wow, Kaleb is going to Peru! That's awesome! He will be a fantastic missionary! We're teaching a woman from Peru, she doesn't speak English very well, but she has an amazing spirit! I'll try to find out what city she's from and get some good info. on Peru :) I'm so happy for Mckayla! Sis. Graham said her pictures are super cute! If you go to her reception, you'll have to take pictures for me and tell her congrats :) And GO Cougars!! Keep me updated on their progress in the tournament!
This was yet again another Awesome week! And you'll never believe but it did snow again... I think we are only a few feet away from breaking an 1870 record. I think it's supposed to snow again this week, it's pretty cold, so I wouldn't be surprised. We've gotten this much, we might as well break a record! :) I've really been pushing myself to not let anyone pass me by without testifying! We've been talking to so many more people! We taught some ladies who work at our library, we taught a pizza man, we taught a man before getting into an elevator who just got out of jail, has been crack free since beginning of Feb. and of course Loves Jesus, we talked to a mail lady (who gave my companion ear warmers), we taught a man who helped us get our car unstuck from the snow (We taught Plan of Salvation and then found out his son had just died in Afghanistan), We just keep talking to everyone!! It's been Awesome!! Have you read the Ensign this month? There is a section of people who share their stories of sharing the gospel! When we pray for opportunities to share the gospel, we Will be given them! Then as we are just friendly and talk with everyone, The Lord will give us what we need to say! (D&C 100: 5-8) So this week be friendly! Talk with everyone! That is the first step :)
So I've heard so much about the "Son of God". People talk about it all the time. I don't know too much about it, but it's great to know what's most important hasn't been forgotten yet in this world. Because I'm lucky enough to get to wear my Savior's name everyday, It's harder to forget about him! But Jesus Christ should always be the focus of our lives!! We studied in Isaiah this week of how awful his crucifixion really was! The things he felt and suffered not one of us will ever truly understand! But it had to be done!
This week we had Zone Conference and we discussed what it means to serve with ALL our heart, might, mind, and strength! It was an incredible meeting, but I just wanted to share with you one of my favorite parts! :) After we discussed our Savior and how incredibly he suffered before he was crucified, we talked about how he had served with ALL of his Might and Strength! Even when Christ was exhausted and had reached that point when he thought he could not go on, he Did go ON! In Matthew Chapter 14, John the Baptist is beheaded. It tells us "he departed... into a desert place" Christ loving his cousin John so much wanted to go and be alone to mourn. Even when he felt weak, he still served! It tells how the people followed him and what did Christ do? He had compassion and served them! Then the disciples say, lets "send the multitude away" they are hungry, you are probably tired, and Christ says "They need not depart; give ye them to eat" And he then feeds the five thousand! Christ has multiple stories of this, where he serves even when, and especially when he feels like he has no more strength or might! How many times do we say? I'm too tired? I'm too hungry? I'm in a hurry? We need to serve beyond our own strength! Then that's when we receive the strength from the Lord! How amazing is our Savior!! I LOVE him! I know he is the Son of God! I know he suffered for ALL of us! He is our Savior! He died on the cross! He was resurrected!I know he gives us strength!
I love you all! :)
Love, Sister Tracy

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