Thursday, January 1, 2015

One Year is Past and Gone! (July 21, 2014)


Alright, so the work in Ann Arbor is going well. My first two weeks we went finding a lot! We don't have any solid investigators we are teaching, but we'll get there! We do see many miracles though!

The ward is pretty cool! There are some really great families that I LOVE! I think I definitely have my favorites from each ward! And I'm not going to lie, I do miss certain people from each of my areas. But I know I'll find great people everywhere!!!

We had 2 exchanges this week. They were a couple pretty emotional exchanges. Sometimes I have to pray and ask God every night why he called me to be a Sister Training Leader. I look at some of these sisters and think "How can I help them?" They are going through some tough things. My life has truly not been that hard. Sometimes I worry about that.. thinking, something bad has got to happen soon, no one is this lucky! Do you ever feel like that? Our family is soooo blessed! I am so blessed! I don't have health problems, physically or mentally. My family is healthy and get a long. I feel like there is nothing to complain about. And then these sisters are looking for advice, and I just think "......" I don't know! But it is amazing how Christ helps us. I've studied a lot about the Atonement recently and how Christ is able to understand what we are going through. I wonder HOW someone So Perfect could know what it's like to be So Imperfect?!

Alma 7:11-13 is the go to Atonement scripture that I think answered my question. Alma 7:13 says "Now the spirit knoweth all things;" Jesus Christ lived such a pure life that he was able to have this ABUNDANCE of the Spirit, that I believe helped him to know all things! Even though he didn't necessarily have to have everything happen to him physically throughout his life (like have his parents divorce, have a mental disorder, struggle with addiction, give into temptation) He was able to know all things because of the spirit! (This may be Sister Tracy Doctrine... but they are thoughts I've had). So then I thought... this is how I can help those I teach or serve. The spirit can help me know what it feels like to have these struggles, without actually having these struggles. We just have to make it possible for the spirit to abide with us and then he'll help us out!

So since that took forever, I'll quickly share a super cool experience that happened to me yesterday! So we were going to an appointment with a member we had set up, but unfortunately like many appointment she wasn't home. So me and my companion had another investigator pop into our head and asked the member if she would like to stop by with us. We get to our investigator Elaine's home and we see pretty much a party happening on the front porch. The member asked me if I ever get nervous and I answer... "No, not really".... I think I spoke too soon. As we walk up it's a bunch of people smoking and drinking and they immediately start making fun of us for being "sisters" (Everyone thinks we are nuns) There was one woman especially who was mocking every word we said, kept offering us beer, and pretty much just pestering us. I felt so awful inside, I just wanted to say see ya later and turn around. But I faced my fear and stood there taking all of these comments. My companion and the member started talking to a younger girl, leaving me to face this woman. Finally when she asked why we were called sisters, I explained how we are all brothers and sisters and God is our Eternal Father. I asked her if she was religious and she started answering my question, but was still pretty hostile. She said she had "her" god and no one needs some dumb religion. I asked her how she knew there was a god, and slowly she opened up more to her experiences. As I kept asking questions, I was able to see she was really needing strength to overcome some trials in her life. I asked to read a scripture to her and surprisingly she said yes. I read Mosiah 24, and while I read, she burst into tears and ran inside the house. The spirit was SOO Strong and she came back out and I testified to her that God is real, he knows us, loves us, and can give us strength! She just cried and thanked me. We hugged and in my ear she whispered "I Love You!" It was amazing to see this women's heart change so quickly! The spirit is a real thing!! It is SOOO Strong and can and will testify to ALL of truth! We have no reason to be afraid! I know God puts us in certain places for a reason, and we are just the mouthpiece, if we are using his strength, It will Not FAIL!

I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a fantastic week! And never under appreciate our Gift of having the Holy Ghost and the power it is!!

Love, Sister Tracy

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