Monday, February 10, 2014


Dear Family,

First of all, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!!!!! I love you both so much and am so lucky to have you as my parents!!!

Second of all, I got the missionary nativity from you this week!!! It is so CUTE! Thank you so much! The sister missionaries were totally jealous, and I know I have the best family :) It is on our desk, by a little Christmas tree! I also got the Christmas card, it looks like it turned out pretty good! What are your plans like for Christmas?
Congratulations to Brandon and Alicia!!! Send me a picture :) 

This last week was AWESOME!! Highlight of the week was NAT.... got Baptized!!!!! It seriously was the coolest day of my life! The morning of the baptism, it snowed like crazy! We got several calls asking if we were going to cancel the baptism, and you could probably guess my response.."No way, Jose!!!" Then when we got to the church we couldn't find the size of jumpsuit Nat needed... There was another baptism at 2 that we didn't know about and we realized we wouldn't have time to empty the font and then refill it, so it was going to be cold water. And to top it all off, the water was green... we couldn't figure out why it was green, but it was.. With all of this going on I couldn't help but just smile! I had seen Nat go through so much to get to this day and I knew that Satan was going to try to stop her, but I also knew that nothing would stop her!! :) She walked in the church (with her husband by her side!) and she was smiling from ear to ear! I told her that the world was turning white just for her special day :) And when she saw the water, she said "Look, it's as close to a river as I could get!) It was so cool, and we all were just so HAPPY! :) Then she was confirmed on Sunday and the spirit was so strong! As the bishop stood and asked all those to welcome her to the church by raising their hands, everybody was getting teary-eyed! She was truly touched. In relief society she stood up and very loudly said "I'm a Mormon!" :) She is so proud to be a mormon and lets her light shine for all to see! It makes me so excited to find more of our brothers and sister who are ready to join this Wonderful church!

I got to go to the temple this week! I LOVE the Temple!! It was a great time to learn and to feel the spirit in the house of the Lord! Please go to the temple lots for me! I don't get to go as often as I wish, so take advantage of the opportunities you have to go :) And I saw Sis. Graham!!! We sat by each other in the session and I LOVE her soo much! Except every time I see her, I have to be reverent, which is sometimes hard, haha. But we celebrated after we went out!

We also had a fantastic lesson with a friend of one of our members. They just went through the temple and were sealed, and have a very strong spirit with them! He invited a close coworker to his home to hear our message. She came and told us how she was recently in an accident, where she was almost killed. She feels she was saved for a certain purpose. We taught her and by the end of the lesson she was in tears and the members had tears in their eyes as well. She told us how "this was the best Christmas present she could have asked for" The spirit was so strong and we will be meeting her again, to share more!! :) It was great to be able to teach someone so ready. But even better than that was seeing the members have such a great experience! The feeling of helping someone feel the spirit is Remarkable. I want all of you to have those experiences! Always be inviting friends and neighbors to hear a message that has blessed your life! You will see how as you share the gospel, your testimony will grow and you will be happier! :)

I Love you all so much!! I'm excited to talk to you soon :) We can skype or I can call you! Would you prefer skype? What time is best for you? daytime or morning is probably best for us, just let me know before next Monday and then I will write around what time I will call. :)

Oh and we have our Christmas party on Christmas eve, so I will get packages then!

Talk to you later 


Sister Tracy :)

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