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Jan 27


So first of all sorry about last week! I typed a letter and somehow it got deleted so I'll try to send you all the most interesting things from the last two weeks :)

So with the cop pulling me over, I didn't get a ticket! He just let me go! He just handed me my license back and that was it!! I was VERY BLESSED!

Alrighty, so this area is a lot different than my last! We have A LOT of people in this ward, but we hardly know anyone! So these last couple of weeks, we've tried to meet people and get to know our members and less-actives! THERE ARE SO MANY LESS-ACTIVES!!! But everyone is super nice! We aren't really teaching anyone, so we went through the former investigators and have done some tracting to find some people to teach.

Last week was pretty cool as we went tracting! We knocked on this door and it was a young man. He was very curious about what we believed since he saw the Book of Mormon play. It amazes me how many times I've been able to teach people because they've seen this play, or because they've watched Sister Wives and Breaking the Faith!! These things are supposed to be negative against our church, but it seems to be having an opposite effect :) Anyways we taught him the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon and then the Mom offered us to stay for dinner! It was kind of cool! It was my first time being offered to have dinner while tracting. :) People are real nice!

Last week we stopped by this 99 year old women! It's a little bit sad, she is almost completely deaf, so we had to yell in her ear and use my white board to communicate with her! She says that their are people upstairs who put something in her head and do experiments on her.... She was pretty funny!! You'd never believe who she used to date though....... President Hinckley!!!! Haha, she said she was his 2nd pick :) She told me she doesn't have any idea why she is still alive. She said she's been praying for 6 years to be taken :( After we read some scriptures together and she bore her testimony, I told her I think she's here to bless others like myself! Her spirit is very strong and I know she will be blessed!!!

We had ward conference last week and you'd never guess what the topic was... Member Missionary Work.. Shocker huh?! :) I LOVE how much of a focus this work is!!!! We talked about what would need to happen for the Detroit area to have another stake opened. They said we would need 200 more melchizedek priesthoold holders. If you divide that by the 4 stakes we have, that's 50 per stake. In our stake we have 5 wards, so divide 50 by 5 and each ward would only need 10 melchizedek priesthood holders. So that's our goal for the year!!! That's not difficult!!! I know we can do that, especially with faith!!! It was so cool to me to see how much our ward can really do! The enthusiasm all the members have for missionary work is AWESOME! As we go to members, they tell us all of the friends and family they are already talking to about the gospel! I LOVE hearing their stories of inviting others, whether the people accept or not! Have you had any neat stories of inviting people? Less-actives or non-members? I'd love to hear your stories too :)

So last Monday we went to Detroit for the Yearly International Auto Show! It was SOOOO Fun!!! I admit I don't know much about cars, but I still loved seeing some pretty cool looking cars!! I think my favorite part, was that ALL of the cars haven't been sold yet and haven't hit the roads, so I felt special getting to sit in them and see all of the improvements! Afterwards the member who took us, Roz, showed us around the city and we had Lunch at Lafayette Coney Island. I don't know if you've ever heard of it, but it's SUPER famous! It's right next door to the American Coney Island and they have had a huge rivalry going on. A couple years ago I think it was someone from food network who came and ended the competition. Haha It was fun!! I Really Love Detroit!!!! There is nowhere else like it! :)

This week I met a women from Brazil and I totally thought of you Mitchell :) Anyways she was really nice, but pretty comfortable with where she is at! However we also met a former investigator from India! We read her record and for some reason the missionaries met her once but then never went back. I think she was forgotten... :( Anyways we felt strongly we should go meet her. We knocked on the door and she was SOOO happy to see us! She said she had been praying so strongly for an answer about which direction to head with some things in her life, and when we came she KNEW it was a sign from God! The Crazy thing was that the first time the missionaries stopped by, she said she was praying about the same thing!! She wants to learn more and wants to come to our church!!! I KNOW God answers our prayers!!! And I'm so grateful we listened to our prompting when we recieved it to go and meet her!!!!

Well I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Hope you had a good week! And have a great upcoming week!!!! :)

Love, Sister Tracy!

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