Monday, February 10, 2014

Holiday Season! :)

Hello There! 
So how bad has the weather been there? I've heard there have been some bad storms! How much snow have you gotten? Make sure to drive safe!! It has only snowed maybe once or twice here but barely will stick and not for very long. It is cold but not too much colder than what it is like there at home. Don't worry...I'm staying warm! :)

I love the Christmas season!!! I sure hope you all remember the true meaning of Christmas this year!!! We have everything because of our Savior! I was able to attend a play called "One Night in Bethlehem" this week! Many members from around the area dressed up and sang Christmas hymns and acted out the shepherds, wise men, inn keeper, Mary and Joseph, and the angels. It was so neat! You walk from room to room led by a woman with a lamp as the narrator and they all tell the story of Christ on the night he was born. At one point I even forgot I was in a church, because of how well it was decorated! The spirit was very strong! I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and the many gifts he has given me! Remember always Jesus Christ and never be too busy to learn of him and become more like him! :) 
This week we got our new elders in our District. Elder Nording, Elder McCombs, and an Elder Burnett. Every one from our district is from a different state. I'm used to having at least one or two missionaries from Utah, but I guess missionaries from other states are ok too. :)
This week we stopped by a referral we had received from When the woman answered the door, she told us we had the wrong name, but then said "It's such a coincidence that you came, I've actually been thinking a lot about joining a church and would love to learn about what you believe." I know that Heavenly Father led us there! I don't know how we had received this referral but, I know we needed to be at that house to meet that woman. Sometimes I get so nervous about the work I'm doing, whether I am being the best missionary that the area needs. There really is no need to though, The Lord's work will not fail, so as long as we are out working, the Lord will find a way for those who are ready to hear his message! I'm just grateful that I have been able to be an instrument in his hands! 
Here is another experience I had this week. We only had about 30 minutes until our next meeting, so we decided to tract a few homes. It was cold and no one was answering their doors. I then started thinking about whether I was having Faith that someone would answer their door. I said "This next door will have someone who is waiting for us!" When we knocked on the door a lady answered and told us to come in. We then were able to teach her of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Afterwards, Sis. Fisher and I just thought that was so neat!! The second we changed our attitudes and truly had faith that we would find, we did! 
I've truly learned the importance of having Faith everyday! As I've been reading of Christ this month, one of the commonalities of the miracles that He preforms is the faith that is exercised in order to be healed. One of my favorite stories is the woman with the blood disease who has such great faith that she knew if she could just touch the hem of Christ's garment, she would be healed! Everyone in someway needs to be healed. Whether it be physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual. The key is Faith! We may not be healed in the way we think we should, but we will always be healed in one way or another! 
I love you all so much! 
 Have a great week,  
Love, Sister Tracy :)

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