Thursday, January 1, 2015

1 Year temple Trip (July 28 2014)

Hey fam!!

That's neat to have been able to go to Melinda's mission president's homecoming! It sounds like an Awesome meeting!! That will be fun when I get to do that for Pres. and Sis. Gerber! :) I LOVE THEM!!

I've got an awesome ward Mission Leader, he's just the best! He's so dedicated to his calling, and so on top of things! He knows what it's all about :)

I had my 1 Year temple Trip this week! It was Fantastic!! So all my MTC buddies went to the temple together 11 sisters and 5 elders.  Afterwards we all went to the mission home and had a nice lunch and president. He talked to us about "becoming!" It was really fantastic. It's crazy to see how much people can change over a year. I'm so grateful for the experiences I've had, and know it's helping me become what God wants me to become. 

We met some sweet people at a bible study, yeah we totally crashed it :) We were teaching one of our investigators, Robert, at a picnic table and overheard some pretty loud conversations going on, we decided it was either people killing each other or a bible study. So, we decided to welcome ourselves in. They were just finishing up but we talked to a few people after and will be teaching two of them this week!

Oh, and Robert came to church this week.  He ended up having to leave after sacrament meeting, he forgot his cigarettes and was not looking to hot. But he's been keeping commitments and liked church! So we are pretty happy!

We're still teaching Ellie our investigator who is an ex-Jehovah Witness. She's one tough cookie, but full of a lots of love! 

Someone tried to convince me I should join the army this week.... I guess my push ups are doing me well :)

Sorry I know this isn't the best letter, but my mind is having a hard time focusing right now. I'm writing you a letter though and should send it this week, so keep an eye out for it! :)

Love you all!!

Sister Tracy

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