Saturday, January 24, 2015

Merry Almost Christmas (December 8, 2014)

Good Afternoon! :)
Thanks so much for your emails every week! They sure do mean a lot to me!! This has been a fabulous week! And we only have 1 more left of the transfer!! Crazy stuff, I only have 1 transfer left after this, and I'm just doing my best to sprint to the end, and then hopefully I'll be in good shape for the next race I'm starting :) I feel like the mission I've been serving has been like a giant workout, where I'm preparing for the rest of life! I've learned so much and am still learning, and guess what... I will always be learning!
This week was pretty remarkable! We were teaching one of our recent converts since it will be his first Christmas as a Christian. As we taught him the story of our Savior's birth for the first time, the Spirit was SOOO strong! It was absolutely beautiful to watch him discover how his Savior came into this world and the gift He is to all of us!
We also went to a really neat program. It's called 1 night in Bethlehem. We went to it last year. So we drive up there to Rochester with our investigator MaRye, it's a walk through nativity and the spirit was Sooo strong! I also got to see a lot of the people who I LOVE soo much! But even more than those people I love, I just love my Savior so much! It's been a breath of fresh air to get to talk with Him so much!! We've been watching He is the Gift with everyone we can. We just say "Hey do you have a smart phone?" "Pull it out, we've got an awesome video to show you!" We've found 3 of our new investigators that way this week!
Have a wonderful Week!

Love, Sister Tracy

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