Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Last Transfer! (December 15, 2014)


I can't believe this is my last transfer! Time has just flown by and I seriously can't picture anything else other than being a missionary right now, good thing I at least have 6 weeks left!

The big news is I am being Transferred!!!!!!!!!!! I was so shocked! I even forgot it was transfer call day and when our district leader told me I was leaving I didn't even believe him. I was only here for 6 weeks and I LOVE everyone sooooo much! It's amazing how quickly you grow to love people! It's been sad to say goodbye to all of our investigators, but I told them they have to invite me to their baptisms!! :) President Gerber came to church on Sunday and I told him I wasn't too happy I was leaving, and he just laughs and says "No one is!" haha I just love him! I'm excited for my next transfer though I know I will be wherever God wants me! I will be training a new sister training leader my last transfer, so no pressure... Good thing we've got God helping us out! :) President pretty much told me where I'm going..... But I'll send you the address next week :)

So Christmas is next week!!!! Can you believe it?!? This month is flying by! We will have 40 minutes to talk on Christmas. I have no idea where we'll be or what our schedule is since I'll be in a new ward, I don't know if we'll be skyping or calling on the phone. Any preferences? What time is best for me to call? Make sure you let me know if it's your time zone or my time zone, so we get it right :) I'm excited to hear you all!!

Also anything anyone wants from Michigan let me know, or forever hold your piece!

So this week has been great! We've had the great privilege of having a lot of sister missionaries return home and come out and work with us! It's been fun to hear how they speak about their missions, how they've changed and things they are and aren't doing since they've been back. All I've got to say is, I'm making a promise with God that I will read my scriptures EVERY DAY of my life! I've seen how when you let little things slide, you start to slide and we just can't! It's also helped me ponder on my mission and the greatest things I've learned. I know I talk about this pretty much every week, but LOVE has to be pretty high up there! I JUST LOVE these people sooo much!!!! I know God loves them soo much and I'm grateful I get to feel that love as I teach them! We've been working with people that have some real tough situations, things I never even dreamed of. People that have made some awful decisions, but as I sit there and testify to them and as they tell us their true concerns, I am overwhelmed with Love for them! If there is one thing I know it is that we are God's children and He loves us!!! 

2 cool experiences.... There's a woman whose son joined the church about a year ago, he passed away recently and his mom has been really struggling. We've been teaching her and this week she said "I'm finally starting to see why my son was drawn to your church" She's been able to see the light that comes from the Gospel and shines from those who are living it!

Next, one of our investigators has really struggled in life with addiction and temptation. He has been blown away at how we can be happy and have fun, without all of the garbage of the world. This week he told us how he's been filling the spirit so much in his life. And how he feels like he can literally see light the more he comes to things and as we meet with him. CHRIST is the Light! Those who are living Christlike lives, Living Christ's gospel, Teaching of Christ have this Light! "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Matt. 5:16

We had a wonderful Zone Conference and President talked about repentance! It was Amazing! I love repentance sooo much! We talked about how repentance is to change our view of God, ourselves, and the world. We discussed what that view might look like on different ends of the spectrum. We have to strive to have God's view, not the world's. It's so easy to get caught up in the world, but those things really don't matter. We discussed Lehi's dream and how Lehi was able to make it to the Tree of Life without getting distracted by the great and spacious building. He was focused on his eternal destination. Repentance helps us focus on our eternal destination. How blessed we are to repent! Repent Quickly and Daily!!! It is soooooo important!!!

Well Goodbye Ypsilanti and U of M! It was great serving here and I'll always love these people!
On to another area and another companion to love!


Sister Tracy

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