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Happy Thanksgiving!! (November 24, 2014)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

  Hey Family! It's a great day and a great week!! I love the Thanksgiving season! I love when everyone focuses on what they are grateful, you can just feel the joy in the air :)

I can't believe how warm St. George is!! It's been a week full of snow, everywhere is white and Beautiful!! We definitely don't have as much snow as New York though, Did you hear you much they got!? Crazy stuff! Sounds like you all had fun though! And I love that you were able to go watch Melinda dance, I will be excited to see her when I get home :) I LOVE the power of the priesthood! I'm so grateful that Dad has that priesthood and is able to worthily use it! It's the coolest!!!

I didn't know you got another Camry! That's exciting. I can't believe it got all cut up! I'm glad Dad is OK!!! 

HAVE FUN IN COLORADO!!! That will be soo fun! So many of my favorite people all in the same place :)

This week we were out of our Area 2 days. Sister Rikard had her one year temple trip, so I went up to Brighton with a Sister Sorenson who was actually Sister Kesler's MTC companion. It was FUN! Then we spent Saturday in Plymouth with Sister Mo'unga :) and Sister Kunzler! It was a Fabulous week with some Fabulous Sisters!

I JUST LOVE this area sooo much!! We are still working hard and I'm loving it! We have quite a few progressing investigators and they are all Asians :) I just love our Asians!! They are the most sincere, honest, and soul searching people I've ever met! Yesterday we were teaching a woman Xiuryi, and we were teaching her what the spirit was. As we explained the role of the spirit, she thought it was just the coolest thing ever, and kept saying I want to feel that, I want to feel that!
Chen Chen came to church!!! We've been seeing soo many miracles!! He told us he wanted to focus on the Book of Mormon, so he wasn't coming to church. But our appointment fell through on Friday then Saturday, so we text him and say "We can meet at 1-4 at the church" And he didn't hesitate and said YES and he CAME!!

Yusong is doing super great as well! Turns out his student professor is a member of the church!! We've seen a great jump in his interest and progression since he found out and talks to this member. Members are SOOO important, We've got to all work together! As we taught him the importance of church we related it to a race car that is running the track but has to stop to change his tires, ect. We are running the track of life every week and we need to stop each Sunday and spiritually refuel ourselves! In his closing prayer this is what he says "Thank you for the sisters teaching me to change my tires." :) :) He just brings me soooo much joy!! :) :)

We had A SUPER miracle!!!! So Saturday night at 3 in the morning Sister Rikard wakes me up to find our toilet overflowing and water is EVERYWHERE! We got it to stop and then did our best using a bedspread to soak up the water. We tried plunging it and nothing was working, so we went to bed and in the morning tried again.... Nothing... So we went to our 6 hours of church and came home at night to find it in the same situation.. We had called maintenance already twice and no one even called us back. So what do we do? We pray that we can figure out to fix our toilet. We get up and the first flush WORKS!! haha I know this sounds ridiculous, but GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!! He knows us and loves us and helps us with the small little things, like fixing our toilets :) 

Now to a different note... This week I've studied about THANKS! We often learn and study about thanks and make gratitude lists, and prayers of thanks, and do some service. As I've thought about what I'm grateful for, I am so Grateful for the Gift from God, Our Savior Jesus Christ!! This Christmas season the church has a campaign called, "He is the Gift" it is SOOO cool!! Just like the Easter video "Because of Him", there will be a "He is the Gift" video, It will be available to watch in about 2 days and 2 hours! :) It will be at As a mission we've been giving lots of pass along cards and other ideas to help spread the GIFT! It's super awesome! Anyways I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ and as I've thought about how to give thanks, I was reading in Mosiah 2. King Benjamin is talking to the people about giving thanks and in vs. 22 he explains how all that is required of us to keep His commandments! Are we truly that grateful that we do keep His commandments? With my time ticking away, I've been studying a lot on becoming a more consecrated missionary. As missionaries we have to sacrifice everything! Give it All Up! Not just to be here, but as we are here. We have to give up our desires, forget ourselves and not do what we want to do, but what the Lord wants us to do!! Even those that don't wear a name tag have been asked to offer their whole souls (Omni 1:26). Everything we have is the Lord's!! Everything except our will, which he is asking we give to him. I know with all my heart blessings await us as we consecrate ourselves! Are we giving all we can to the Lord in whatever calling we have at this time in our life?! 

I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ, that he has given me opportunities to Become like my Father in Heaven. Because of Him I can repent and change. Because of Him I can receive his strength to overcome my weaknesses. Because of Him I can find true and eternal lasting JOY! :)

I'm grateful for all of you! I LOVE you and wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Sister Tracy

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