Thursday, January 1, 2015

Is It Really Winter.... (Sept. 15, 2014)

Hey there from Antarctica! :)

Haha just kidding..... kind of..... It is super cold here already! This week we had to get our tights out and boots and coats. People keep telling us the winter is going to be way worse than last winter....So Sis. Hartley and I are preparing for winter like the squirrels and eating lots of treats :)

GO COUGARS!!! I think I told you last week... but man I miss football. The Big House is pretty close to our apartment and we drive by it pretty much every day. I try to convince Sis. Hartley that we can do lots of teaching at football games, but I don't think she's going for it. haha :)

So yep! Sis. Hartley and I are only going to be together 1 more week. She's going home!!!!!!! It's so weird, people are always asking her about home, and what's she's going to do. It's just weird! For some reason I can't picture me home.... When my time comes I will definitely be excited to see you all!!! But I just can't picture not being a missionary... I think I'll write the prophet for special permission to just be a full-time missionary at home too!! Good thing I got a while :) Mission life is the best! I've just been loving it!! Our area is awesome! Our ward is awesome! I think Sis. Hartley is a bit jealous that she can't stay longer. It's Ok, she'll be a great member missionary :)

So this week I got a hair cut! I have bangs, they're nice and I like them! Sis. Hartley says I don't look as serious. Even when I try not to smile, she says I look happy. Apparently I looked intimidating when I first came. Can you picture me intimidating? Haha I used to not...but maybe I've changed... Who knows?

We've been teaching Victor, the one who's already stopped drinking coffee..... and he's on date to be baptized November 1st! He's sooo cool!! Keep praying for Victor!

So we went on a couple exchanges this week. We went to Ypsilanti and Northville. I Love exchanges!! So many miracles happen!! In Ypsi, we met so many superb people!!! I wanted to share one of the many sweet miracles. I was with Sister Hart (she came out with me in July) and we were contacting at EMU. It was around 8pm we were walking I felt a prompting to go down to where this fountain was. Except there was no soul to be seen down there. In the other direction, there were tons of students. It made no sense to go where there were no people, but we followed the prompting! When we got down there, around the corner we saw one lady sitting at a table. We asked if we could sit with her and we just start talking. She asked who we were and I said, "We are here representing Jesus Christ!" She starts saying "WOW, I can't believe you are here right now!" She then tells us of this remarkable story of how she had been kidnapped and raped and had been missing for 4 days in Detroit until she escaped. She had been questioning God's Love and we testified strongly of his Love for her!! She just cried and cried. She knew that us coming was an answer to her prayer! Sometimes we may receive promptings that don't make sense to us. I testify that as we act on whatever promptings we receive, Miracles will happen! Sometimes we may not ever know what those miracles may be, but that's not the point. We are just to learn to recognize and Act! And I am so grateful that we acted that night!

So on Saturday I got to exchange with Sis. Mo'unga (she's my MTC companion)! Right after meeting this man who first off believes our spirits don't have genders, making God half female, half male (ya, weird) and second telling us we are the prophets for Michigan.... we meet a man who doesn't believe we can receive our own revelation. I started thinking about this and the importance of revelation. First, what is revelation? I would say simply, it's God communicating to his children. God loves us and of course he'll communicate to us personally! Sometimes we get inpatient, making us believe we can't receive revelation. When we don't think we're getting the revelation as soon as we think we should, we sometimes want to stop doing the things that bring revelation (like obedience, prayer, scripture study, fasting, good health practices). They're not working apparently, so why do I do them? Well after realizing an Apostle doesn't have to be sitting in the same room as you, to be taught by an apostle, I asked Elder Richard G. Scott this question. The answer is, we have to be consistent! We have to have a determined effort to continually do what is right! We have to stop worrying and just be obedient! When we are obedient, then the Lord will trust us! And those who the Lord trusts will be guided to solutions! :)
I know you can all receive personal revelation. Don't give up with doing what you know is right! Be patient, and God will bless his righteous children!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Have a superb week :)

Sister Tracy

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