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Good Day (Oct. 15, 2014)

Good Day :)

So sorry about not emailing on Monday. All of the Libraries in Ann Arbor were closed for an annual staff meeting or something like that. And then Yesterday we had a new missionary training all day and then appointments and then today we had a zone meeting, so we are just finding time! Hope you didn't think I forgot about you :)

Last week was a good week! We had interviews, which are always great! And this time we got to watch "Meet the Mormons." All of the mission presidents got a special copy to show to the missionaries. It was SOOO GOOD!! I hope you all got to go see it, it was playing Friday and Saturday and all proceeds went to charity! If enough people went to see it, the church will be able to put it on Netflix and Amazon, which would be so SWEEET!!! I love how technology it's such a great way for people to be introduced to the gospel!

We have been teaching Bobbie, and I absolutely LOVE her! She reminds me of Nancie in a lot of ways. She's had a rough life, and I mean ROUGH! But she Loves Christ and Loves to Pray! We invited her to be baptized and she said Yes :) It won't be for awhile, because of her past there will have to be some things that happen first. So the very soonest would be 6 months, but the gospel has been brought to her life and she is loving it! When we taught her about the Book of Mormon she got so excited and she was so anxious to read it! She pretty much kicked us out the door :) haha

Not sure if I told you about Simeneh?! He's from Ethiopia and we've still been teaching him. We've started at the basics, helping him to know God is really there and that is one of my favorite things to do! It's Amazing to see people come to know God for the first time :) Sometimes I think we don't always realize what a blessing it is to know we are children of God! I was talking to a sister today about the song "I am a child of God." Both of us have sung that song to non-members multiple times and every time is a VERY spiritual experience! The person usually says something like "That song is so familiar" "Where can I find this song?!" "Can we sing it again?" I know we are literal children of God and He loves us soo much! Never forget it and share it with everyone! :)

Have I told you about Weiting? So she's a Recent Convert and moved into our ward. I LOVE her!!! Everytime I see her I get sooo happy :) This week she was having a real hard time! She has a newborn baby and is a stay at home mom. Her parents act like they are not proud of her and embarrased that she does not have a good job or going to school to get a good job. Being from China it is all about being the BEST, and that means making the most money, working the hardest, being the boss, ect. We explained to her that the most important thing on earth is our families! The most important job she could ever have is being a mother! Families are eternal! Our money, homes, jobs, Elder Holland has said even our callings might not be, but are Families ARE! We were both in tears and she felt so comforted and at peace. I again take for granted the knowledge that we have of simple things like, families can be together forever. I was talking to a member who joined the church only a few years ago. She has a young daughter and they've been learning the primary songs together. She said she wishes she was raised with these songs. Primary songs are SOOO GOOD!! The basics are what we really need to know, those are things that truly change us and help us become!

Anyways, I LOVE YOU ALL!
Have A Great time in DisneyLand! The happiest place on earth minus Detroit, Michigan :)

Love, SIster Tracy

Me Singing In The Rain!

My modeling at U of M law school... haha

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