Thursday, January 1, 2015

Crazy Stuff Is Happening!!! (Aug 18, 2014)

Holy Moly!

   So we've had a busy week as well! :) Transfers were this week. Sis. Hartley and I are staying together as Sister Training Leaders. She I think is a little stressed about going home but we're still working hard! She told me I only have 4 more transfers and I was mind blown! I told her we aren't talking about going home anymore, haha :) Anyways because there was so much rain here, Detroit had Soo much flooding, so transfers was cancelled until the next day. It didn't affect us at all except district meeting was cancelled so they could have transfers in its place.

 So we are teaching some sweet people!! I think I mentioned Manuel last week. He is from Equatorial Guinea and he's here learning English. He will be here for another 9 months. So the sisters met him near campus one day, but then he kind of dropped off the face of the planet. When I came we found him and have had some powerful lessons with him. He knows the church is true and wants to be baptized but is nervous about getting baptized since there are no members in his country. The closest branch is a 5 hour flight away. He is so cool though!! I just love him! He's one of those people you meet and you can just feel they have such a warm spirit! His English is  getting better and better and he says he understands me better now, haha :) I've learned that the spirit truly is the teacher! Sometimes after we leave, I wonder how he was able to answer certain questions or know what I'm saying, but it is totally the Spirit! We are soooo lucky to have the Holy Ghost, the perfect teacher!

   Here's another sweet miracle. So I was reading through some former sheets and read the name of Kun and felt like I needed to call him. I did and left a message. The next day he calls and says "I'm flying into town tomorrow can we meet tomorrow?" Of course I say "Yes!" So here is Kun's story. He had found the church online and after researching found the institute building. He walked in one day and send "I'm turning myself in! I'm ready to be baptized!" The sisters taught him all the lessons and he was interviewed and on the day of his baptism he didn't show up. His wife is very traditional chinese and against religion...especially our religion. So he was afraid she'd divorce him if he joined the church. So he backed out. This whole year he says he knows he needs to be baptized, he's been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and feels so guilty and like he's in this darkness because he knows the truth but hasn't joined the church. He was feeling so bad and it was the next day that I called him. He kept saying, "I'm not afraid anymore, Can I get baptized tomorrow?" He has one of the strongest testimonies I've ever heard! We all knelt down together to pray for his wife's heart to be softened and the spirit was so thick in that room! He's back in China for 3 weeks, but when he gets back we pray that his wife will have given him consent by then! Anyways I love him too!!

    Random things: There is a family in my ward the Frei's and he is cousins with the Fuells! So that was cool! He showed me a picture of Joe and his fiance. I still can't believe how many people are engaged! I tried a ground cherry for the first time! They are delicious! I've come to love gardening!! I want to be a pro gardener when I get home! :)

    Well that's all for now! I love you! Have a great week!! :)

Love, Sister Tracy

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