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December Already! (December 1, 2014)

Happy December :)

I can't believe it is December already!! Time is going so fast! How do I slow it down?! I LOVE this season sooooo much!!! 

I'm glad you all had a wonderful time in Colorado for Thanksgiving! We had a WONDERFUL week!!! We don't have much time today since we're going to the Henry Ford Museum :) I'm excite so, I'll just write as much as I can.

I just can't testify enough of God's Love! God just Loves us sooo much, He is sooo good!! We had had like no time to set up the appointments we needed to for our week. Tuesday we had to take in our car, cause it was making all sorts of funny noises. We start texting and in a half hour we had appointments back to back to back set up. We saw some sweet miracles! We were at the church that night for our correlation meeting with our ward mission leader and some members were at the church playing ball. We go in and say hello and the sister whispers to us, "Alright you're not leaving here until you have appointments set up with these kids." (They were mostly all non-members). So that's what we did! The members here are AMAZING! 

Our investigators Gma made us some sweet potato pie!! IT WAS DELICIOUS!! Food in Ypsi is heaven! :) 
Thanksgiving was Wonderful! We did lots of finding that day, knocking lots of doors and talking to people walking the streets. Funny story... We go up to this one door with like ten cars parked all around. We knock and the Grandpa opens up and lets us right in and is very welcoming. The rest of the family is just staring at us, like we are nuts. Good old Grandpa thought we were part of the family!!! :) Haha We definitely all are part of God's eternal family :)

We went to President and Sister Gerber's for lunch and had Bacon wrapped turkey :) YUMMMMMOOO! We talked about the 2 most important things the Gospel and Bacon :) Haha We then had dinner with a member in Ypsi, It was real fun! And then we had dessert with our Senior Couple the Hunts! It was a day full of Thanks and Love and Christ!

We had another awesome experience! We went up to campus on Friday and it was as if everyone has fled the country! We walked around and I saw one kid from a distance. We eventually get to him and he was lost looking for his friends apartment. He's from China and we asked him if he knew what was about to happen in December? He's a freshman and has never seen Christmas before. We told him we had a video to show him about what Christmas is all about. We stood standing on the sidewalk, with the snow falling down on us, watching "He is the Gift" on his phone. The Spirit was SOOOO Strong!!! It finishes and he looks up at us and says, "I feel peaceful". It was a very neat experience and we're seeing him again this week to teach him about all that this Gift entails! 
If you haven't already, you have to watch He is the Gift! It is a wonderful video and I feel the spirit EVERYTIME! Go to or youtube if the website isn't working. The greatest evidence of God's Love is his gift to the world, Jesus Christ! I love my Savior and I know as we discover, embrace, and share the Gift, we will be filled with Peace, Joy, and Love :) I spoke yesterday in Church about our journey here on earth and how we fail and fall when we are on our path to our destination. But because of the Gift of Jesus Christ we can get up and finish our journey! I know this is true! Hope you have a wonderful DAY!! :)

Love Always, 

Sister Tracy

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