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Conference was SOOO GOOD!!! :) (Oct. 6, 2014)

Hey :)

Conference was SOOOO GOOD!!!! :) I'm so grateful for the opportunity we had to listen to the word's of the Lord! Just as D&C 1:38 says, Whether it's the servants of the Lord speaking or the Lord himself, It is the SAME! Every time Conference comes it seriously feels like Christmas. Because I was so excited all week, that was pretty much the first thing I told Everyone that I met. "Hey guess what? Did you know that the prophet of God is talking to the Whole world this weekend?!?!" :) I think we got a few people to watch it :) I felt like there was repetition about many things. But repetition is GOOD! We need our own testimony! We should sustain and follow our prophet! We need to make the sacrament a more spiritual experience! We NEED to be doing prayer, scripture study, FHE, temple, family history work. I loved the focus on Christ's example! Christ has lived the perfect life, if we just follow him then we can have that happiness here and joy in the future :) Just SOO MUCH goodness!!

Anyways not sure if you remember Kun. He's from China. He really wants to be baptized? Well he went to China for 40 days, got back this week and left again yesterday. But we met with him a few days this week before he left!! It's funny with most people we are trying to help them accept being baptized. With Kun we have to slow him down and say "wait, there's a few things you need to understand first." haha He has such a great desire but he's not the most committed person. The covenants we make with God are not something to be taken lightly, and I would feel awful letting someone be baptized when I know they have no intention of keeping their covenants in the future! So we pray for him A ton and just hope he'll understand the things we are teaching him :)

Also I'm not sure if you remember Victor? Well he's Awesome! We were having a hard time getting in touch with him and finally this week he told us his concern. He so badly wants to be baptized in November but his whole Mom's side of the family is Muslim..... So they would ban him from the family if he joined the church... So he's thinking about it... I'm going to talk to President and see what our stand should be? There are so many muslims in Michigan. Dearborn I think is the greatest population of Muslims in the United States. And we have to be very careful when we teach them, sometimes our mission president gives us guidelines, ect. Anyways we're praying for him a ton too!

We have a sweet new investigator from Ethiopia! The sisters on campus met him but he's 36, so he's in our ward!!! :) I watched conference with him and he was very engaged! Took notes and had questions after! He wants to be like the men who spoke and like the missionaries, and guess what he can... BY being baptized and coming closer to Christ through Faith and Repentance! :)

We had a last minute exchange Yesterday. There's so many people here helping me and Sister Kesler out! It's great! I'm not sure if I told you but she was struggling the day Elder Cardon spoke to us. After this last week, she received some awesome letters from sisters in the mission! I don't even think they realize the impact that had on her! She LOVED them! A lot of times we don't realize the impact small things have on people. But they are so important!! In conference being kind and serving was mentioned a lot! I hope we can take those words and be a little kinder than we were before conference started, as President Monson stated :) It's great seeing her grow. I totally feel like a proud mother, haha But I can't take credit, I know it's the Lord that teaches us and helps us grow! There's still a lot I hope I can teach her before this transfers through, but the Lord Works Miracles EVERYDAY!

Well love you Lots!

Have a great week! 

Love, Sister Tracy :)

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