Thursday, January 1, 2015

Interesting week.... (Sept 2, 2014)


Sorry for emailing a day late, Libraries are closed on holidays :)

We had a super good MLCM!!! We talked about leadership and principles of unrighteousness and righteousness. We read from D&C 121! The principles learned from this section are SOO Wonderful and can help ALL of us to be better leaders! Mom I highly recommend studying this with your new calling in mind! I definitely learned a lot of things that I know can help me become better! Slowly but Surely I know I'll get there someday :)

    Also I was able to see Haili this week!!! That was super fun!!!! We had dinner Thursday night and then I saw her again at the I'm a Mormon devotional! It was so great to see her again! I just LOVE her!!

    So this week was an interesting one... haha It was good though!! Sister Hartley has just been having some weird things happen to her. A couple happened this week. If you remind me when I get home I'll tell you about the first one. The second one was real adventure!! So Friday night I had finished praying and had been laying in bed for maybe 10 minutes when Sis. Hartley says she needs my help. She was having super bad lower abdominal pain. So after I tried to play doctor with her and didn't know what was up I called Sis. Gerber who told me to take her into the Hospital. So we went to the University of Michigan ER since it was the closest..... We got there around 11:00 pm and we ended up leaving the hospital at 3:30 pm the next day!! Yikes it was crazy! She didn't even see a doctor until 8:00 am, so we just waited in the waiting room. Sis. Gerber wasn't too excited about that.  Haha She kept saying "Someone could die in there and they wouldn't even know!" It was interesting though. We got to meet lots of different people. The main reason it was so busy was because it was the night before a football game, holiday weekend, and welcome back week. So that all adds up to intoxicated students EVERYWHERE!!! One kid came up to us and said "Are you here for an MIP too"....haha Definitely not! He had broken into the big house (the football stadium.) He kept saying, "This can't go on my record, I'm trying to get into law school!" He was from Chicago and did have a couple friends on LDS missions, so we were able to talk about our church. We invited him to cookie and game night at the institute :) We told him he'd have much more fun there then drunk in the ER :) We also were able to teach this really nice man who was there due to a pimple gone wild. We ended up talking about our religion for over an hour before he went back. Who knew the ER in the middle of the night was such a great place to teach people!!! :) Anyways at first they thought she had appendicitis, but after doing an ultra sound, found out she just had a huge cyst on her ovary. She's doing better now! We were soooo tired and went home and slept! So coming home after all that it was SOOO GREAT to come home to a package from a Wonderful Family!!! THANKS SO MUCH!! I LOVED IT!!! (haha and you even sent AAA batteries, haha) THANKS!! I also loved the little cards!

    I was studying the prodigal son this week and repentance! First, I just love repentance what an amazing gift we have! Do we use it everyday though? We should because we're so lucky to have it! While reading the prodigal son this time I saw so many similarities of myself. Prodigal means wasteful, I would say a lot of us probably waste many of the things God's given us, including the gift of Repentance or Forgiveness. We are in this great place and then we run off and forget the reason we had peace in the first place! But God is loving and merciful!!! In Luke 15:20, "the father when his son was "a great way off" "saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him." I know God Loves us!! If we will return to the Father (in prayer and repentance for instance), God will graciously accept us and Forgive us! Don't forget to repent! It's a good thing :)


Love, Sister Tracy :)

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