Saturday, January 10, 2015

Yep, Goodbye Ann Arbor! (Nov. 3, 2014)

Wow! Your temple trip sounds like SOOO much fun! I went to the temple Thursday too :) It was wonderful!! I love the temple, and one of the couples in the Presidency is from Rochester and so I love seeing them too :) We went with our relief society president, Sister Fisher! She's the BEST!! I love her sooo much!! When I get home, if it's possible I WANT to be a temple worker soooo bad!! I think it sounds wonderful! I can't believe they let Hope go in and watch! That's sooo cool!

Halloween...... Your pumpkins rock! I was going to carve a pumpkin, but ran out of time... next year :) Hope looks so big in her pictures! NOOO, she needs to stay little so I can still carry her! I'm so glad our ward is doing so great in missionary work!! That is AWESOME!! You are the best! We had a fun Halloween! One of my favorite member families, the Caziers, invited us over for dinner. They had a fun dinner where the menu is things like, pile of maggots, snakes on a stick, ect. It was fun! And then... It snowed :) Not a ton, but it was still fun to run around in it! Then we had to be in by 7 and we studied about the Book of Mormon! I love that book! It is the very best book ever!! And it is soo true!

Also we had some great miracles this week!!! We met two less-actives that aren't in the records, through tracting! They were both super sweet and excited for us to come back! One was from Guatemala and just stopped coming when he moved here. I said you should come to our church! And he said, "Alright." Missionary work is soo easy :) haha

Man, I can't believe Libby's mom ruined my surprise... haha Just kidding! It was so cool to meet her, she was just about to leave and barely saw me! She was super sweet!!

So yep transfers are tomorrow morning. Saturday we got the call and found out we are both leaving!! It was super crazy! I was shocked! So 3 new sisters will be coming into this area. I was expecting to finish my mission in Ann Arbor and so was everyone else, so it's been super hard to say goodbye to everyone!!! I LOVE ALL my investigators, less-actives, and members!!!! I will miss them soo much! We pretty much are running around with our heads cut off! There's so much to do! I'm pretty much all packed, so today we need to clean the car and apartment for the new sisters, Say Goodbye to A TON of people! Go to the post office to mail some stuff home! I have way too much stuff, but I can't get rid of it! :) So a box will be coming home. And then the most important thing is to make sure the area is ready for missionaries to take over! I'm usually really good at keeping the Area Book updated, but not this transfer..... So we have a lot of writing to do today. I guess God is showing me the importance of keeping records! Records are sooooo important, if you love the people you teach, YOU WILL keep records! That way when new missionaries come in they know what the investigators need! Anyways pray we get it all done :) haha I know we will!

So actually there are a few sisters areas that are getting whitewashed! Pretty crazy! It will be an exciting transfer! I will be a Sister Training Leader this transfer again. First President's transferring me, then putting me as an STL.... I think he's trying to keep me from getting trunky, haha :) Just kidding, don't worry I'm not trunky! I LOVE it here way toooo much!

Anyways, gotta go and get everything done :)
Love you Lots, I'll send my new address next Monday :)

Love, Sister Tracy

P.S. Grandma Tracy, I did get your letter and loved it!! THANKS :) I'll write back soon!

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