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I Love LEAVES!! (Oct. 20, 2014)

Hey there!

You are right dad... It is cold here! But that's ok because the fall is still beautiful here! I've probably picked up a hundred leaves! I'm pretty sure I like the fall here way better than the fall in Utah. There are just soo many trees and the leaves are BEAUTIFUL!! I always make my companion stop while I pick up some pretty ones :) The other day I thought I saw a perfect one, so I crossed the street to pick it up. When I finally saw it up close, it had one small hole in it.. I was bummed and said "Man, it wasn't the perfect leaf!" My companion put me in my place and asked me "What makes a perfect leaf?" haha I went on for probably 20 minutes on how she made a great point. Every leaf is so uniquely different, they are perfect in their own way! Leaves are just like us as children of God...we are all so unique, but beautiful.  We just have to look at them with the right eyes! A hole in a leaf, could be compared to a trial that has left a scar on someone, but that hole is making that person uniquely different and maybe even more beautiful in a way. And then leaves crinkle up and die.... haha Just kidding hahaha kind of :)
Dad, I loved the thoughts you shared with me about your lesson in teacher's quorum! Charity is I think is one of my most favorite characteristics. We are nothing without charity! This week was Stake Conference and it was AWESOME! The Stake Relief Society President talked about Practicing Charity. She talked about how we aren't perfect and how we don't have perfect charity right now, but that we should always practice charity! I loved that thought, I definitely am trying to practice charity everyday, so when I fall short I remember I just need to keep practicing! :)

We started teaching a 9 yr old boy, whose mom is less-active and whose dad is not a member. It made me so sad as we talked about God and he wasn't sure if he was really there. When we asked if he would pray, he didn't know how! It was so heart wrenching! In General Conference Tad R. Callister talked about the importance of parents and teaching the gospel. It really starts in the home! It was a great talk and he mentioned Detroit... (did you catch that :D). I'm so grateful to have been taught by you (Mom and Dad)! I have so much thanks to give you and I will always be appreciative of the truths I was taught when I was young! :)

We've been teaching a man named Trip and his wife Michelle. They are VERY religious and sure do know their bible! Yesterday we talked about the Nature of God. He had all these scriptures he was throwing out about how God and Christ are one. I wanted to start firing out the scriptures I know that show they are separate like when Christ was baptized, or when the earth was created, ect. But the spirit restrained me. After I sat and listened, the spirit prompted me to testify. It wasn't an argument but just my testimony that Joseph Smith's experience in the Sacred Grove was True! I know that God and Jesus Christ appeared to him, and because of this experience I know they are separate beings! As Neil L. Anderson spoke, he talked about how we can build our testimony about Joseph Smith. Study his testimony often!! Read and record his testimony in your own words! I'm so grateful for Joseph Smith and know he is a true prophet of God! So much of our testimonies start from that seed.  Knowing Joseph Smith was a prophet and Believing in what he said he saw!

Well, I better go! I LOVE you all soo much! Have a Wonderful Week! :)

Love, Sister Tracy

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