Saturday, January 24, 2015

Happy New Year :) (December 29, 2014)


It was so great to get to talk to you all on Christmas!!! Aren't we just so blessed with the technology that lets us get to talk and see each other?!? It's just amazing! I'm glad you are all doing well :)
I'm glad you all had a wonderful Christmas! Thank you soooo much for the packages! You are all the sweetest!!! I sure do love candy but don't be surprised if I'm huge when I get home :) haha Also thanks for sending some things for my companion, she loved them!!! 
There are just soo many things I'd love to talk to you all about, but 40 minutes just doesn't cover it all, luckily I'll be seeing you real soon. I can't believe how fast time is going by, there is less than a month until I can hug you all! I'm expecting LOTS of hugs :)
So I don't know if there is much news, but I will tell you about our investigator Brent. So he is 20, I think I told you about him... But he needs ALL of your prayers!!!! He comes to church every week, reads the Book of Mormon and meets with us. He had received a confirmation that he needed to be baptized, was on date, then his parents (who are catholic) told him he's moving way to fast. So he decided he wants to wait, then last time he said "I'm not sure about the whole baptism thing.." It's so sad to see him going the other way, He knows what God wants him to do, but is letting the fear of his parents get to him. We are praying really hard for him! Satan works hard on those who are coming closer to God....But I know that the power of God is stronger, faith in Christ is stronger, and the Prayer of Faith is Stronger! All things are possible with God! :)
I have to give an instruction on how to be a Humble, Patient, and Loving Companion at the Leadership Meeting tomorrow... Wish me luck! Instructing at this meeting is intense, and pretty intimidating, talking to a room full of people who are probably much better than me in a lot ways, hopefully I can say something good...
Anyways, thanks for letting me share my testimony with you on Christmas! Sorry I am such a bawl baby... But I just love my Savior Jesus Christ sooo much!! And I love my Heavenly Father! I know they love us too and I know their power is real! It is my hope that everyone can feel of that Love, and know for themselves of this truth! I'm so grateful for the parts of my testimony that I have learned on my mission, and the more I learn the more I realize I have so much more to learn :) Good thing life's not over and we can all still learn!!
One quick miracle.. Last week we were walking around downtown Farmington, contacting and trying to talk to people. My companion and I walked past this man, and after a few minutes she tells me we have to go back and talk to him. So we turn around and are pretty much stalking and chasing this man, like he is prey, hahaha... I feel awkward and ask my companion if she really feels like we should talk to him, cause I feel like a creeper..She says yes, so finally we catch up to him in the parking lot. His name is Rajesh and he is visiting from India, he is here for a few weeks and guess what..... He was walking around looking for a church!!!!! He wanted to pray and couldn't find a church that was open, so Heavenly Father sent him something that was better.... The TRUTH! We talked and prayed with him and he thanked us! We invited him to church and he came yesterday! He is so great, but he leaves in 2 weeks. We are praying real hard he and his family gets a visa so they can come back and live here!!! :) Anyways, I'm grateful for my companion, God puts us in 2 for a reason, so there is double chance for us to hear and act on the promptings of the spirit! :)

Love, Sister Tracy :)

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