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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (December 22, 2014)

Merry Christmas Family!!!

I can't believe it is Christmas already!! I love this time of year, everyone seems to be soo much happier during this time, it's because Christ is filling everyone's hearts :) I just love Jesus Christ!

Your week sounds super fun! I'm glad everything went real well! Thanks for updating me! :)

So for Christmas our relief society president said we could come to her home to Skype or call, so we'll be going over there 12 our time... so 10 am your time... My companion wants to call at the same time as her brother who is on a mission in Honduras, so I don't know exactly what time but it will be somewhere in between 10 and 12 your time. Just a reminder we only have 40 minutes :) I'm excited to get to talk to all of you!!

So Wow, yeah what a huge week! I am serving in Livonia with Sister Cardenas. She's from Texas and turns 20 on Saturday. She's been out for almost 9 months and she's been in Livonia for almost 6 months. Actually Haili, Sister Graham actually began her training, so that's cool :) It's definitely different than Ypsi and Hill Street, but I LOVE it!!! We've met some great people and we are working hard to find lots of new people! So we live in Northville, just outside of our area. We actually live with the Northville Sisters, Sister Gordon and Sister Price! I don't know if you remember but Sister Price was my companion in Rochester :) So it's fun being with all of them!
Since we live out of our area we practically live at the church, we eat lunch and dinner there, so that's fun :) There are 3 sets of missionaries in our ward again. The Assistants, us, and then a trio. Also, President and Sister Gerber live in our area and the mission office is in our area too. I keep joking how president has to keep a close eye on me my last transfer by bringing me to Livonia, I guess he's afraid I'm going to go crazy or something.... Just joking :)

We're teaching an awesome guy named Brent. He's 20 and during the summer ordered his own Book of Mormon off of Barnes and Noble...don't know how legit it is.... But he's got a real one now :) But it was awesome, the sister knocked on his door a few weeks ago and he wanted to meet with them. He's a real thinker, but he truly wants to know what's right. He's prayed and come to know God wants him to be baptized, but is hesitant to move fast, which is totally good, It's just awesome that he is so sincere about this!!! Also he taught our Book of Mormon class that we have weekly, so that was Awesome!!

Real quick, remember to focus on Christ during this Christmas season! And if you haven't already, pass out all of the pass along cards that came in your Ensign :) We are SOOO blessed to have the Gift of Jesus Christ! Just as the angel told the shepherds in Luke Chapter 2 "Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people." I love that it says "to ALL people"!!! Jesus Christ is a gift of Joy to ALL people!!! Yes, that means us :) I don't know about you, but I sure love Joy :) :) I know with all my heart that if we want the most and greatest joy we can find on this earth, it is only through Christ! This last I guess 17 months, I have felt such great JOY! And Joy doesn't have end! As long as we keep our focus on Christ!  We can't let a day go by without thinking of him. I love him So much! I love my Father in Heaven soo much, that He sent Jesus Christ for us! He loves us, He loves you! :) And I love you too!
Have A Merry Christmas!!


Sister Tracy

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